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Kia ProCeed 2021.

Kia ProCeed 2021.

Kia ProSid 2021: a family car in a station wagon.
The new version of the semi-sports station wagon Kia ProSid 2021 surpasses many European counterparts in terms of design, cabin comfort and parameters of the power unit.

The Kia ProSid series 2021 is recommended as a family car. The extraordinary cargo and traction-speed characteristics of the new station wagon should also attract the attention of lovers of active, including tourist, recreation.

According to the participants in the presentation, the new model is adapted to the needs of users of all ages.


Traditionally, a significant part of the original body decor, which received a thorough restyling of the Kia ProSid 2021 station wagon, is shown in the photo of the frontal plane of the body. In sight:

• high ribbed profiles of the inclined hood;

• corporate configuration decorated with a chrome frame of a stylish radiator grille;

• large-format blocks of multi-element front optics.

Kia ProCeed 2021.

Elements of a sporty style are visible in the constructive of the lower part of the massive front end.

Available: a protruding bumper, decorated with a coarse mesh ventilation duct lining and wedge-shaped air diffusers complemented by vertical fog lamps.

The chrome-plated body kit and elements of aggressive stepped relief organically fit into the general layout of the front end.

Excellent aerodynamics is demonstrated by the new body in an equally advantageous profile projection.

Attention is drawn to:

• slight difference in the angles of inclination of the windshield and the sloping hood;

• excellent aerodynamics of the domed roof;

• tonal contrast between the silver frame and the black pillars of the high side glazing:

• triangular mirrors and compact door handles.

The external surroundings are complemented by a harmonious combination of wave and stepped reliefs, decorative and protective sill plates and a five-lobe pattern of branded wheel disks.

Kia ProCeed 2021.

In the design of the back side of the case, recognizable features of the crossover layout, fashionable for this hour, are visible. It:

• traditional spoiler visor;

• steep slope and semi-oval rear window configuration;

• compact tailgate format.

The bumper package includes vertical diffusers on both sides and a set of rhomboid tailpipes integrated into the sidewalls of the plastic body kit. In the list of updates, it should be noted the modern graphics of the plafonds of multifunctional stops.


Depending on the configuration, the new generation Kia ProCeed 2021 will receive a fabric, leather or leather interior with functional plastic and metal decorative inserts.

The multifunctional status of the semi-sports multifunction steering wheel confirms the presence of command button blocks on the front surface.

The spoke-free upper segment provides an overview of the informative instrument cluster with analogue gauges and color computer monitor.

Kia ProCeed 2021.

• The upper block of the center console includes interior ventilation deflectors and a large-format media tablet equipped with touch command functionality.

• The design of the dashboard provides convenient access to the analog buttons of the ground controls, which are responsible for activating and configuring standard, including those forming comfort, options.

• The equipment of the tunnel is standard — this is a technical platform with transmission and handbrake levers, a set of organizers and a compact armrest that hides the volume of the glove compartment or refrigerating chamber.

• The technical and electronic equipment contains everything you need for a comfortable pastime during long trips, safe driving at high-speed modes and in conditions of dense traffic flow in modern megacities.

The five-seater saloon of the updated station wagon can comfortably accommodate the driver and four passengers.

In the service of ergonomically profiled front seats, comfortable head restraints and full lateral support, heated seats and a fairly wide range of operational adjustments.

The rear sofa seats have the function of reclining the backrest and transforming the center seat into a wide armrest. Heating and climate control systems are included in the list of additional paid options.

Depending on the configuration, the useful trunk volume of the station wagon varies from 340 to 594 liters. After partial dismantling of the rear seats, the figure rises to 1800 liters.


In the new incarnation, the new Kia ProSid 2021 model year with external dimensions of 4605×1800 and 1437 mm moved to an adapted platform of the K2 series, acquired a comfortable post-link suspension, effective stabilization and road safety systems.

The optimal running parameters for its class are provided by a chassis with a base of 2650 mm and a ground clearance of 150 mm, which is standard for 20-inch wheels.

Kia ProCeed 2021.

The optimal running parameters for its class are provided by a chassis with a base of 2650 mm and a ground clearance of 150 mm, which is standard for 20-inch wheels.

• The completing gasoline and diesel engine range with minimal changes copied from the same type of model in the «hatchback» body. Base 1.4-liter «aspirated» with an output of 120 hp / 172 Nm of peak thrust.

• In the top-end modification, the output of the 1.6-liter power unit is increased to 140 hp / 242 Nm. An economical alternative is a 1.6-liter turbodiesel, tuned for 115 or 136 hp.

The engine range works in tandem with a front-wheel drive 6-speed manual transmission or a 7-band robot.

The multidisciplinary test drive showed the starting and speed characteristics of the station wagon, nominal for the power category, and the well-coordinated interaction of component systems and assemblies.

Options and prices

The selling price of the basic version for the domestic market starts at one million rubles. The cost of top-end modifications at the stage of clarification.

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