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Kia Sonnet 2020.

Kia Sonnet 2020

Kia Sonnet 2020.

Kia Sonnet 2020: a small budget crossover.
The Kia company, which has long chosen the market of India and neighboring countries, presented its new subcompact crossover called Kia Sonnet 2020. The car received very modest engine compartment characteristics, but its exterior and interior decoration will be quite modern, and the cost will be the lowest in its niche.


Since a new specialist is engaged in the development of the design of the car, it will definitely not work to call his creation restyling. According to some reports, the new body can receive elements that bring it closer to Infiniti and BMW, but it will also retain a number of its own developments, including air intake elements, optics and relief.

Kia Sonnet 2020

The front part will receive the largest number of changes, judging by the first photo. It will be crowned with a slightly curved, large windshield, turning into a lean hood, the central part of which will be slightly raised. Under it, most likely, the radiator grille in the form of a «smile of a tiger» in a chrome frame will remain. Along the edges of it there will be swept headlights with budget filling, but with very high-quality LED inserts in the shape of the letter L.

The front bumper of the 2020 Kia Sonet promises to be more massive to give the short car a more solid look. It will house the standard elements: aerodynamic stamping, slots for additional air intakes, and, most likely, foglights.

The profile part of the new model will have a rather strict window line with thick pillars and wide edging. Under it there will be a variety of relief transitions, resting against the circular arches of the wheels and a stylish skirt with plastic protective linings. Large mirrors with turn signal repeaters, simple door handles, as well as light-alloy wheels with a slightly updated pattern are designed to complement the look.

The car’s stern will not differ in original design solutions. It will start with a rather massive visor with brake signal repeaters, under which a small rounded glass of the luggage compartment is hidden. Below are horizontally oriented parking lights, a little relief, nameplates and a platform for a license plate. This part of the body ends with a rather large bumper with a diffuser and slots for completing the exhaust system.

Kia Sonnet 2020


The interior of the new Kia Sonnet 2020 model year will largely overlap with another Korean SUV — Venue. Of the finishing materials, it is worth noting quite high-quality plastic, fabrics and artificial leather. In addition, the driver and passengers will find a lot of comfortable options, as well as good seats.

Control and management bodies

The center console takes up quite a lot of space, but the physical buttons here can be counted on your fingers. In the center, the main place is occupied by the entertainment system screen connected to the dashboard, surrounded by air ducts. Below there are several buttons and washers, a unit for working with an air conditioner, as well as a 12 V socket and sockets for connecting external sources of information.

The tunnel turned out to be both short and low, it will be possible to find a recess for wireless charging of a smartphone, a technical panel with a large gear selector at the head, a pair of cup holders and, possibly, an armrest.

Kia Sonnet 2020

Seats and trunk

The car can be moved by five people, but due to the small width, only two will be relatively comfortable on the back sofa. At the same time, each seat will receive a comfortable shape, rather soft filling, heating, head restraints, as well as precise position adjustments — both mechanical and electric. There is evidence that the rear passengers will also receive, in addition to the folding armrest table, their own sockets for working with smartphones or tablets on the road.

It will be possible to talk about the exact volume of the trunk only after a test drive, but the small length of the car suggests that there will be nothing to boast about.

Kia Sonnet 2020


Under the hood of the 2020 Kia Sonnet there will be the same engines as its older “colleague” Hyundai Venue: three petrol and one turbodiesel. The base will be a 1.2-liter aspirated engine with a return of 83 forces. Then there will be a 1.6-liter unit capable of showing 123 «horses», while the line-up is headed by a liter engine equipped with a turbine, which produces 120 forces. The capacity of the 1.4-liter diesel unit will be a modest 90 forces.

Depending on the configuration, the car will be supplied with a five- or six-speed «handle», a variator or a seven-speed «automatic». But it will not be possible to get an all-wheel drive system: the traction force of the engine will always be transmitted exclusively to the front wheels.

Such characteristics will not contribute to good acceleration and cross-country ability, however, they should be enough for driving around the city and the highway, besides, all motors are quite economical, which will certainly delight most Indian motorists.

Options and prices

According to preliminary data, the initial price of the car may be 650-700 thousand rubles in terms of Russian money. All equipment can cost about another 200 thousand rubles, which makes this SUV almost unattainable for competitors in terms of cost.

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