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Kia Soul 2021.

Kia Soul 2021.

Kia Soul 2021.

Kia Soul 2021: budget Korean crossover with the characteristics of the older lineup.
In the new edition, the latest version of the Korean crossover Kia Soul 2021 is distinguished by an updated body design in many respects, a more comfortable and optional interior, a combination of practicality, functionality and affordable cost.

The new model also received a number of exclusive technical and layout solutions. The next restyling has identified itself with new details of the external decor, expanded capabilities of the standard equipment, and an increased level of road safety.

Competitive in relation to many of the same type of models of leading world brands, the new model range is focused on the needs of users of different age categories.

Competitive in relation to many of the same type of models of leading world brands, the new model range is focused on the needs of users of different age categories.


Kia Soul 2021 looks bright and impressive in the photo from all angles, but the aggressive style of the front part of the body attracts special attention. In sight:

Kia Soul 2021.

• a gentle angle of inclination of the windshield and rounded corners of the even bonnet decorated with corporate symbols;

• an unkind squint of narrow blocks of halogen or top-end xenon high beam optics supplemented with DRL brackets;

• in the lower part of the massive bumper — low beam headlights and a pentagonal configuration of the large-format lining of the lower ventilation duct.

The crossover’s belonging to off-road vehicles is evidenced by the off-road high seating position and the protective plastic skirt of the lower perimeter of the body.

The upgrade of the new model range in the profile projection identified itself with a matte black frame and angular geometry of the side glazing, modern style of mirrors and door handles partially recessed into the body, the traditional combination of wave and stepped body relief.

Also in sight are the correct wheel arches and the original five-lobe design of the 16-inch wheels.

The aft layout of the 2021 Kia Soul is dominated by an easily recognizable crossover classic. In stock:

• complemented by a spoiler and decorative strips rectangular format of the rear window;

• crescent-shaped plafonds of multifunctional feet with modern LED-fittings overlapping the rear pillars;

• a convex wide bumper equipped with side diffusers and a platform for a license plate.

Kia Soul 2021.

The design of the stern is completed by a relief plastic body kit with a pair of chrome-plated exhaust pipes. According to experts, the new body organically combines in its design the features of the traditional corporate and modern European style.


The budget status of the crossover is given by the fabric or kozhimite trim of the cabin volume, the quality of the facing plastic and the modest equipment of the center console.

The spoke-free upper segment of the multifunctional semi-sport steering wheel offers a good overview of the instrument cluster with analog dial gauges and an informative color on-board computer monitor.

The block construction of the center console includes:

• deflectors of salon ventilation;

• supplemented by extended command touch functionality display of the multimedia set;

• a number of analog buttons for activating and adjusting the interior microclimate.

The equipment of the small-sized central tunnel consists of a technical platform with a transmission shift knob and several buttons, a parking brake lever, a standard set of organizers and a folding armrest that gives access to the glove compartment for small-sized luggage.

Kia Soul 2021.

The service functionality of very comfortable and well-profiled front seats:

• head restraints adjustable in height and tilt;

• lateral support;

• electrified adjustment range and heating system.

Three passengers of a fairly spacious and comfortable sofa have access to the backrest tilt function, a folding armrest and heated seats included in the paid list.

If necessary, the volume of the 354-liter trunk, moderate according to modern standards, is increased to 686 liters due to a simple transformation of the rear seats.


Kia Soul 2021 in the back of a «five-door hatchback» retained the dimensions of its predecessor, realized in the ratios of 4195×1800 and 1610 mm.

The driving and off-road characteristics of the new version are provided by a front-wheel drive chassis with a combined rack-and-torsion suspension, an axle distance of 2600 mm and a ground clearance increased to 180 mm.

The chassis is equipped with a full range of disc brakes, anti-roll bars and effective road safety systems.

• The base model in modification for the Russian market will receive a tandem of a 1.6-liter gasoline engine with an output of 123 hp / 151 Nm and a manual 6-speed manual transmission.

Kia Soul 2021.

• Test drive confirmed moderate, within 11.2 seconds, dynamics of acceleration, the upper limit of the maximum speed up to 182 km / h and economical, 7.4 l / 100 km of run, fuel consumption when driving in mixed mode.

• The top version will receive a more powerful, 150-horsepower engine, which is accompanied by a multi-range automated transmission.

In the future, a more economical hybrid drive with a total capacity of 208 hp is promised.

Options and prices

In Russia, the new Kia Soul 2021 model year is announced in the base and top-end modifications. In the first option, the price is a little over a million rubles.

The cost of a model with a more powerful drive and an expanded list of additional, including comfort-creating, options can be formed in the range of 1.6-1.7 million units of domestic currency.

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