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Kia Sportage 2016.

Kia Sportage 2016.

Kia Sportage 2016. According to official statements by the manufacturer, at the end of this year we will see a novelty — an updated crossover Kia Sportage 2016 model year. In the Internet there were espionage pictures of models — they can be used to learn a lot about cars. So you changed the interior and exterior Kia Sportage?

What are the technical specifications? Whether motorists will appreciate the value of new products? On this and many other things — in our article.


Changes in appearance Kia Sportage.

Unfortunately, when compared with other new Kia models in the lineup Sportage, major changes to the exterior is not found. Externally, the 2016 Kia Sportage is similar to its predecessors — the manufacturer skillfully focuses on the design, which is liked and remembered by most customers.

It is possible to note a number of immutable parts:

grille has a shape resembling a tiger’s nose;

form of the rear door is completely preserved;

also changed the doors and mirrors, in the lower parts of which are located recesses;

hood with smooth edges and towering center;

Opening the rear door using the sensor under the rear bumper (enough to hold foot).

Kia Sportage 2016.

Brand new items appearance Kia Sporteydzh:

grille is lower when compared to the previous model;

head optics is now closer to the grill and has a more aggressive look;

The front bumper has become greater;

17-inch alloy wheels for automobiles;

new LED rear lights.


Updated interior.

In terms of the design of any car manufacturer is trying not to give in to their competitors. Not spared a party and Kia Sportage 2016 release. Everything, as always, decorated in the latest fashion trends and are equipped with the latest electronics: comfortable seating, high-quality upholstery, helps to maximize driving pleasure, 6 powerful speakers, touch screen on the dashboard, climate control and cruise control.

To improve comfort, the manufacturer plans to install a telescopic steering. Also, compared to previous models, the space inside the car will be extended. Among other innovations: rain sensor, the new lights on the instrument panel, the function of ventilation and heating of the rear seats, electronic parking assistance (monitoring system for traffic behind the car).


Technical features Kia Sportage.

Most likely, the engines for European customers will be the same as in the model to restyling. But for US Kia Sportage equipment manufacturers prepare these 4 power units GDI and CRDI:

Motor gasoline type with a volume of 2400 cubic centimeters and with a capacity of 184 horsepower. Fuel consumption outside the city reaches 8.5 liters per 100 kilometers.

16-valve engine with a gasoline-type injection system and the volume of 2000 cm3. The performance of the unit — 150 horsepower. Fuel consumption outside the city and reaches 8.5 liters.

The diesel engine capacity of 136 horsepower and a volume of 2,000 cubic centimeters. Fuel consumption in the country ranges from 5.5 to 6.7 liters.

Diesel Motor type impact 184 horsepower and a volume of 2000 cm3. Fuel consumption is the same as other diesel.

Technical features Kia Sportage.

All power units meet the standards of environmental standard EURO5. With the engines will be used 2 types of gearboxes:

Manual transmission with 6 steps will have petrol engines and diesel engine (136 hp). Up to 100 km / h with this box the car accelerates in 11.1 seconds.

The remaining power units will get an automatic transmission type, which has a range of 7 gears and two clutches. Cars with this PPC overcomes the 100 kilometer barrier speed of 12.1 seconds.

The cost of the new models and the date of commencement of sales

At the moment, the exact date of the official presentation of the car has not been declared. Perhaps this event will take place as usual in the fall. The beginning of sales is scheduled for spring 2016.

The cost of basic kit car with a petrol engine and manual transmission will be between 840 000 rubles.

The same model, but with a diesel unit — 910 000 rubles.

In conclusion, it is worth noting: there is confidence among crossovers, this model takes a leading position in the market.

Test drive Kia Sportage 2016

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