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Kia Stinger 2020.

Kia Stinger 2020.

Kia Stinger 2020.

Kia Stinger 2020 — an inexpensive sports car with two turbines.
The Korean manufacturer does not cease to step on the tail of the world’s leading brands. This time, Kia decided to compete in the sports car class, releasing their Stinger 2020 from the cage. We will immediately make a reservation that with the help of this horse, Kia plans to make another jump in the electric car segment in a year. But for now, consider what the Koreans with the traditional ICE will offer.


Stinger starts on the platform of his fellow countryman Hyundai Genesis G70. A fairly rare solution was used for power units — two turbines at once under the hood. They will be put on a 2-liter 197 hp gasoline engine This applies to the basic configuration.

The top version will offer 247 hp. A 2.2-liter diesel variant with 200 hp will also be presented. on board.
There will be no choice on the transmission — an 8-band automatic. The drive will be front only in the base, the rest will get full. According to the dynamics, the top version is gaining a hundred in 5.3 seconds.

Kia Stinger 2020.

The most interesting thing was in the suspension.
1. Firstly, there will be independent MacPhersons in front, and a multi-link in the back.
2. Secondly, the platform is equipped with a traction redistribution system that will capture the condition of the road and the driver’s driving style.

Shock absorbers got a pretty fine tuning. Kia claim that the 2020 Stinger model year will show high maneuverability on any road. Plus, the transverse stabilizer will dampen body vibrations.

The filling of the new flagship is naturally not poor. On-board cornering stabilizer, head-on warning system, adaptive cruise, ABC, parking assistant, pedestrian detection sensor and 360-degree view. Additionally, the on-board computer will monitor the degree of driver fatigue.

Armchairs with heating, ventilation and vibration massage (the driver is adjustable in 8 positions), multimedia with a 7-inch screen (in the top 8-inch) supporting IOS and Android, a three-zone climate and increased noise isolation will take care of comfort.

Kia Stinger 2020.


Koreans are well aware that the name “Stinger” cannot hide the appearance of the “bug”. So the aggressive look comes with 247 horses. However, it is worth noting that for all its sportiness, the car is actually a large 5-seater sedan.

On the front, everything is perfect — the hood received several fins and air intakes, the figure of the 8-shaped radiator grille did not change the corporate design, rounded optics with LED lines blurred at the edges. The lower part boasts powerful diffusers on the sides, and the traditional aerodynamic grille is located below.

Massive wheel arches on the side, and either optical illusion, or indeed the front arches have a larger radius than the rear. Next to them are additionally formed small air intakes that add sportiness. The signature design of titanium discs completes the picture.

Kia Stinger 2020.

The most delicious and original part of Stinger was feed. Under the overhanging protrusion of the trunk immediately begins the block of dimensions, consisting of narrow teardrop-shaped headlights connected by a narrow strip of brake light.

From headlights to the rear arches climb turn signals strips. Below is the most common niche for a license plate. And then begins a well-designed slightly bully bumper with an additional decorated grille and a niche for a double exhaust nozzle.

In terms of size, everything is pretty good. Enough to satisfy the sports ego, and to maneuver through the narrow European streets, and comfortable parking in the center of Moscow.


Stinger’s interior is strange, in a good sense of the word. It was so conceived or just by chance there are associations with sports cars, it is not clear. Everything is trimmed with leather, chrome moldings and in some places of excellent quality plastic.

The architecture of the torpedo is minimalistic, like electric cars. Perhaps work has already been done here on the future electrification of Stinger. At the top of the console is a small visor for the virtual dashboard. In the center peeks out the multimedia screen.

Where the screen is usually installed, Kia has 3 deflectors. Below is chrome-framed a small row of physical buttons. Below is another one with traditional audio twists.

The door cards and the multifunction steering wheel are stuffed with buttons. The central tunnel received a miniature CPP backstage and two cup holders. Leather chairs are naturally made in a sporty style, with a large triple sofa in the back with a reclining armrest. Complementing all this is a huge electric sunroof.

Kia Stinger 2020.


Stinger has already been assigned the main competitors. They will be the already proven Infiniti Q50, Mercedes CLA, BMW M3, Jaguar XE and Lexus ES.

Price and sales start date.

Sales of a sports car have already started. And wait until the new product appears in Russia this time will not have to.
A biturbine car is assembled at the Kia production facilities in Kaliningrad. For the basic filling, the Koreans are asking for 2.05 million rubles.

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