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Kia X Sid 2020.

Kia X Sid 2020.

Kia X Sid 2020.

Kia X Sid 2020 — the new cross-hatch under the brand X Xid.
A few days ago, information became available that the Kia Motors company was planning to announce the Kia XCeed crossover in the near future. The new car is built on the Kia Sid hatchback platform, and you can call it a full-fledged crossover only with a big stretch. From the hatchback, the new crossover differs only in the presence of additional plastic body kits and high ground clearance.


The car body has not changed much. The size of the body, its shape and even some elements of the decor remained unchanged. Many details, too, remained from the usual hatch. Significant changes affected only the rear of the car. The feed angle is now smaller, and the dimensions are slightly larger.

The front of the new Kia XCeed 2019-2020 model year, although it has not changed in size, but now it is planted much higher, which makes its appearance more serious. The hood now has a large tilt angle and interesting protrusions on the sides.

Kia X Sid 2020.

Immediately beneath these protrusions are head lights, having the shape and appearance of all the other, relatively fresh, Kia models. Depending on the selected configuration, the head optics will be either halogen or xenon.

The black grille is oval, located exactly in the center of the large bumper. Above and below, the radiator grill is framed by wide strips painted in metallic color. The combination of a large black grid grid and a metal frame looks very impressive, stylish and aggressive.

The body kit is very different from the old. Here it has a huge size and looks impressive. Almost all of its central part is occupied by a huge black air intake, which, like the radiator grille, has a metallic color frame. On the sides of the massive body kit, there are two black holes in which you can place fog lights.

The profile of the car is not much different from the Sid version. The same shape of the window, which are separated by black racks. Tinted windows along with dark racks look very impressive. All windows are framed by a very thin strip painted in chrome.

Oval mirrors of a small size look stylish, with miniature turning lights embedded in them. Doors, large enough, have a light, smooth relief. The bottom of the whole car, including the wheel arches, is decorated with an unpainted plastic skirt.

Kia X Sid 2020.

The feed of the new X Sid is significantly different from the hatchback. Massive, in comparison with the hatch, the rear door has virtually no tilt. The small visor, which is a continuation of the domed roof, looks especially impressive. On the visor, the stop lamp looks quite neat and minimalistic.

Part of the back door is occupied by stop lights, the continuation of which goes beyond its limits. Korean designers have worked hard on the look of the rear body kit. Here it is as if divided into two parts, one of which has a metallic color, and the second is not painted at all. Also, the kit has a nice relief. Particularly stylish look, two pipes of the exhaust system, having a non-standard shape. At the edges of the body kit, like two droplets, fog lights flaunt.

Kia X Sid 2020.


A clear idea of ​​the appearance of the interior of the X Sid 2019 car is not yet available, however, we can assume that, like the outside of the car, the inside will be almost identical to the interior of the Kia Ceed hatchback.

Thus, there is an assumption that the interior trim in Kia with the X index will consist of expensive materials such as genuine leather, good soft plastic, metal elements, wood, etc.

As before, the center console will have a large touch monitor, thanks to which almost all options will be configured. Immediately under the monitor, there is a small platform, which includes several additional buttons and washers, for a more precise adjustment of the functionality.

Underneath all this, there’s another panel with buttons for setting the climate.
The tunnel will be quite rich. In addition to the basic controls, such as a gear knob or a hand brake, there will be hidden niches for glasses, an armrest with a small refrigerator, etc.

One, the most important part of the car interior, are the seats. Everything is wonderful with this. All seats will be decorated with good materials (fabric or leather) and a comfortable enough fit for maximum passenger and driver comfort. About the functionality of the seats, absolutely nothing is yet known, but it can be assumed that this X Sid will also not be offended.

Kia X Sid 2020.


In terms of technical equipment, there is no information yet. There are only experts’ assumptions that the range of engines will also be taken from Kia Ceed, but this is not yet accurate information.
Most likely, there will be both gasoline and diesel engines. The transmission will also be automatic and mechanical. Drive — front.

Options, prices and release date

X Sid, is currently under development. That is why, the complete set of the car and the exact price are not yet known.

It is logical that this will be slightly more expensive than the Kia Ceed hatchback and amount to 1,500,000 rubles.
Most likely, the new crossover will be presented for the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

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