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KIA XCeed 2020.

KIA XCeed 2020.

KIA XCeed 2020.

KIA XCeed 2020: an all-terrain hatch according to a new recipe The Korean manufacturer was pleasantly surprised by the approach to creating an elevated all-terrain hatchback KIA XCeed 2020, which was officially declassified at the end of June two thousand nineteen, and its world premiere will take place in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The new body of the 2020 Kia X Sid is strikingly different from the original hatchback — only the front doors remained common to the cars. Of course, a protective body kit, traditional for cars of this class, has appeared around the perimeter of the body, but usually manufacturers are limited to it (plus an increase in ground clearance), but not in this case.

KIA XCeed 2020.

Options and prices KIA XCeed 2020

Options                                                                 Price, rub.

1.4 (140 HP) Luxe RT7                                      1,499,900
1.4 (140 HP) Prestige RT7                                 1 669 900
1.4 (140 HP) Premium + RT7                           1 929 900
1.6 (200 HP) Premium RT7                              2 039 900

The car has acquired a cavity with the original head optics of a clever shape, a different radiator grille, and the lower chrome section here does not adjoin to its very bottom, leaving an additional slot under it.

The front bumper, sporting a silver lining in the center, as well as side sections, in which round foglights were registered, underwent a complete revision.

The new 2020 Kia Xid lost the windows in the rear pillars, while their imitation remained in the form of a small blackened section framed by a wide chrome trim. Plus, the window sill line got a bend here, which is not on the usual Side.

If you look at the rear of the car, you can see that the shape of the lamps is different here, and the rear bumper can boast a massive protective insert and diamond-shaped exhaust pipes integrated into it on the sides. A brake light is integrated into the spoiler above the fifth door.

The new Kia XCeed comes in twelve different body colors, including the exclusive Quantum Yellow. Also, for the hatchback, they prepared several original versions of wheel disks — the base of the car is based on 16-inch wheels, and in the top-end versions they go to 18 ″.

KIA XCeed 2020.

The interior of the raised hatchback resembles the original, except that it immediately stands out with contrasting inserts on the front panel, as well as bright colored stitching on the seats and door cards. In the top version, the Kia Ixsid sports a large 10.25-inch widescreen advanced multimedia system, while in simpler versions the display goes to 7.0 or 8.0 ″.

And it was precisely the XCeed that became the first model in the family with a fully digital instrument panel, located on a 12.3-inch monitor with a resolution of 1920 × 720 pixels. It has several display modes and will soon be available for other Seeds.

But by default, the tidy will be analog, with a monochrome display (3.8 ″) of the on-board computer, and only in more expensive versions it will be replaced by a 4.2-inch color TFT screen.

There is a «Drive Mode Select» system with «Normal» and «Sport» modes, allowing you to change the response to pressing the accelerator pedal and the effort on the steering wheel.

KIA XCeed 2020.


The new Kia XCeed 2020 is based on the K2 platform with McPherson struts at the front and a multi-link design at the rear. But the chassis has been redesigned here, with hydraulic rebound buffers inside the front shock absorbers, and a new dynamic damper for the rear cross member to reduce noise and vibration.

The springs on the car were longer, but at the same time they were made 7% softer in the front, and 4% softer in the back. All this should make the suspension softer and more energy-intensive, plus everything for this modification slightly changed the settings of the electric power steering.

Compared to the source, the Kia X Sid added in dimensions: with the same wheelbase of 2,650 mm, the length of the all-terrain hatbcheck increased to 4,395 (+ 85), width — up to 1,826 (+ 26), height — up to 1,483 (+ 36), and the ground clearance on 16-inch wheels is 174 millimeters (+ 24), and on 18-inches — 184.

In addition, the front (+ 25 mm) and rear (+ 60) overhangs have increased, the trunk volume has grown from 395 to 426 liters, and with the backrest of the second row folded down (optionally, a three-section 40:20:20), the compartment size turns out to be 1,378 liters (+ 87). The driver sits 34 millimeters higher here, and the loading height has increased by 60 mm, the boot lid servo is an option.

The European version of the KIA XCeed 2020 (specifications) provides the same engines that are offered for the regular hatchback. At the same time, all of them are paired by default with a 6-speed mechanics, and an alternative to it is a 7-band robot with two clutches, which cannot be chosen for the simplest motor.

The simplest is the 120 hp 1.0-liter three-cylinder T-GDi turbocharged unit. (172 Nm), and the four-cylinder engines 1.4 T-GDi (140 hp and 242 Nm), as well as 1.6 T-GDi (204 hp and 265 Nm) are ranked higher.

Also in the lineup there is a 1.6-liter CRDi turbodiesel of the Smartstream family, offered in two versions: 115 forces (torque from 280 to 300 Nm) and 136 «horses» (from 280 to 320 Nm).

The second indicator of traction for cars with a robot. But the all-wheel drive transmission for Iksid is not provided, although initially there were rumors about its appearance.

KIA XCeed 2020.

How much is

The start of sales of KIA XCeed in the European market is scheduled for the third quarter of two thousand nineteen, but there is no information on prices and trim levels yet.

The question of possible deliveries of the model to Russia is still open, but if the project is given the green light, then it is worth waiting for a car no earlier than 2020.

The production of new items will be established at the brand’s enterprise in the Slovakian Zilina, together with other Sids, among the electronic assistants for cars are available automatic high beam, a monitoring system for «blind» zones and tracking the markings, auto braking, etc.

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