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Koenigsegg CC850 2023.

Koenigsegg CC850 2023.

Koenigsegg CC850 2023.

Koenigsegg CC850: the new hypercar surprised by the simultaneous availability of automatic and mechanics.

Koenigsegg introduced a new hypercar CC850 which was created to celebrate two anniversaries at once.

Firstly, the Swedish company’s founder Christian von Koenigsegg celebrated his 50th birthday in 2022.

Secondly, the first production car of the brand — the CC85 — is also 20 years old.

The new CC850 has the appearance in the style of the anniversary model. The CC85 reminds you of the last one with triple lamps and dials like old telephones.

The hypercar has a removable hardtop and a door-opening mechanism typical of the Swedish brand.

The interior is characterized by a symmetrical design, which can easily be adapted to both left- and right-hand drive.

The equipment includes an analog dashboard in a chronograph clock style, as well as a gear selector with a Swedish flag and an open mechanism of gear selection.

Koenigsegg CC850 2023.

The Koenigsegg CC850 2023 is powered by a 5.0-liter twin-turbo V8.

The unit has a flat crankshaft and with the use of bioethanol is able to develop up to 1,385 horsepower (on regular fuel the output is «only» 1,185 powers).

Thus, one horsepower per kilogram of hypercar weight.

Koenigsegg CC850 2023.

The motor works in conjunction with a Light Speed Transmission robot without synchronizers and with eight multidisc clutches in an oil bath.

And also the new model can brag of the Engage Shift System technology which has no analogues in the world yet.

It is an adaptable six-speed manual transmission with multiple ratios, capable of working as fast as a nine-speed automatic with a smooth shift.

Koenigsegg CC850 2023.

With it, the driver can select different gear ratios, adjusting the car to his or her driving style and also making it more suitable for public roads/race tracks.

When Koenigsegg will launch the CC850 is not specified.

Koenigsegg CC850 2023.

It is known that the company plans to assemble only 50 of these two-doors, and all of them are already sold out. The cost of the car is also unknown.

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