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Koenigsegg Gemera (1700hp).

Koenigsegg Gemera (1700hp).

Koenigsegg Gemera (1700hp).

Hypercar Koenigsegg Gemera — 1700 hp under the hood.
Swedish manufacturer Koenigsegg continues to delight with megastyle, flashy and fast sports cars. The next is the Gemera hypercar, which will go on sale in a limited edition of 300 copies, and the price tag will exceed the 1 million British pounds mark. Art.

Technical arsenal

The Swedish car brand does not ask for such money in vain. First, the car is equipped with a hybrid powertrain. The front axle is driven by a 608-horsepower twin-turbo internal combustion engine with a volume of 2 liters with a maximum KM of 600 nm, capable of running on both gasoline and 2nd generation vegetable biethanol and Vulcanol methanol.

A mixture of the last two liquefied gases is allowed for refueling a sports car.

Secondly, on each wheel at the back there is a 405-horsepower electric motor (torque — 500 nm), plus another third 507-horsepower with 1000 nm — directly on the crankshaft.

There are 1724 hp in total. and a moment at 3500 nm. All this power is exercised with an exclusive gearbox — KDD.
Full drive: traction vector control, steering of the rear axle.

The time to climb 100 km / h takes 1.9 seconds. The maximum speed is 400 km / h.
The electric motors are powered by an 800 volt battery. The capacity of the batteries is 16.6 kW / h. On a purely electric traction, the Koenigsegg Gemera hypercar is able to sweep only 50 km, but in this mode there is a speed limit of up to 300 km / h.

Almost everything is unusual about the Koenigsegg Gemera. This is the first four-seater Koenigsegg and the first car that the company itself classifies as Mega-GT (Gran Turismo is more powerful than a megawatt). It is a hybrid in which the rear wheels are powered by a pair of electric motors.

Koenigsegg Gemera (1700hp).

And the multi-fuel biturbo engine 2.0 with a gas distribution system without camshafts and forcing more than 300 forces per liter of volume, supplemented by a third electric motor, drives the front axle, although it is installed at the rear. All this resembles the Regera’s Koenigsegg Direct Drive system (without changing gears on the way from the internal combustion engine to the wheels), but only inverted.

The sheer numbers are also impressive: the combined system power is 1,723 hp. (approximately 1.27 MW), the combined torque of the four motors is 3500 N • m. Moment on wheels including gearboxes — 11,000 N • m. Acceleration from zero to hundreds takes 1.9 s, the maximum speed is 400 km / h. Without starting the internal combustion engine, a hybrid can drive 50 km, only on one internal combustion engine — 950, and together — a thousand.

Tires: 295/30 ZR21 at the front and 317/30 ZR22 at the rear. By default, these will be the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S, and as an option, the Michelin Cup R3. They are installed on the third generation of Aircore carbon fiber wheels (optionally they can be with a central nut). Brake discs carbon-ceramic (415 and 390 mm) with six- and four-piston calipers (front / rear), with ceramic pistons.

Each of the rear electric motors develops 507 hp. and 1000 N • m, and the electric motor docked with the internal combustion engine — 405 hp. and 500 N • m. The traction battery with liquid cooling is 800-volt, with a capacity of 16.6 kWh. It can deliver up to 900 kW of power to the load, and absorb up to 200 kW when charging (or recuperating).

Koenigsegg Gemera (1700hp)..

Without starting the internal combustion engine, the car has a combined power of three electric motors of 1115 hp. (this is slightly less than the simple sum of the passport parameters). But the internal combustion engine adds its 608 «horses» (at 7500 rpm) and 600 N • m (from 2000 to 7000 rpm) to the common boiler, while 400 N • m is available from 1700 rpm). And I must say more about it.

The Tiny Friendly Giant (TFG, small friendly giant) motor is equipped with an individual valve drive system from Freevalve (Königsegg’s sister company). It has a compression ratio of 9.5: 1 and has two turbochargers.

The first is connected to the first exhaust valve in each of the three cylinders, and the second to the second exhaust valve, again in each of the cylinders. At low loads and rpm, only the first exhaust valve opens and only one turbo is in operation, while at high loads the second set comes into play.

The Freevalve system allows the flexibility to program the intake and exhaust valves of the TFG motor separately. She also knows how to arbitrarily turn off the cylinders, in some modes switch to the Miller cycle. Another exotic thing: heating the intake manifold before starting in cold climates.

The operation of the valves changes so that the compressed and therefore heated air from the cylinders goes back into the intake channel, the temperature in it rises by 30 degrees in two seconds, after which you can supply fuel and turn on the ignition.

Koenigsegg Gemera (1700hp)..

Design and dimensions

The design of the powerful and dynamic model from the Swedes is delicious. Sports, charisma, a measure of aggression. The hypercar rests on R21 CFRP wheels at the front and 22-inch at the rear with nut-center mountings. The ground clearance of Koenigsegg Gemera in the standard position is 11.7 cm, if necessary, the car can be raised by 3.5 cm.The length of the model is 4.975 m, the center distance is 3 m.

The length, width and height of the model are 4975, 1988 and 1295 mm, the wheelbase is 3000 mm, the ground clearance is 117 mm (plus there is a 35 mm front suspension lift system for passing ramps and speed bumps).

Of the interesting accents of appearance: a two-door body, despite the 4-seater salon. Guillotine doors slide up silently. Two trunks: 150 and 50 liters. Bright yellow nameplates and brake calipers.

Luxurious stern with integrated spoiler, carbon fiber bumper and diffuser grille. Dotted pattern in front and rear teardrop optics, mega streamlined full face and fighter cockpit profile.

Koenigsegg Gemera (1700hp).

Salon, interior, equipment

For Koenigsegg Gemera, 6 pillows, ABS, climate control for 3 zones, adaptive cruise-control, carbon multifunction steering wheel, virtual PP, touch screens are offered — one for a multimedia complex, a whole TV in the center in the second row — for the entertainment of those sitting behind.

Spectacular racing seats in black and yellow to match the entire yellow interior trim. The complete set includes an exclusive Autoskin assistant, which controls not only the suspension settings, but also the air intakes, opening the doors and trunk lids.

The cabin also boasts four heated and four cooled cup holders, two-row wireless smartphone charging, and a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Add to that the ability to run on ethanol, methanol, including renewable biofuels, gasoline and E85 blends.

Koenigsegg Gemera (1700hp)...

Add dry sump lubrication here and the engine weighs just 70 kg. And also — 15–20% lower fuel consumption than modern turbochargers with direct injection and variable valve timing.

The curb weight of the hybrid is 1850 kg. The volume of the fuel tank is 75 liters, two trunks in total (front and rear) provide 200 liters for luggage.

Gemera also has a carbon fiber monocoque with a torsional rigidity of 40 kN • m / deg, carbon fiber outer panels, two powered lifting doors, suspensions on aluminum subframes, double wishbones with adjustable shock absorbers and ground clearance, six airbags and an autopilot level 2.5 (adaptive cruise control, lane control).

There is traction vectorization on both axles and a rear steered axle.

Alexander Selipanov, a native of Russia, did an excellent job, who became the chief designer of Koenigsegg last fall. By the way, the front end design is deliberately made with references to the very first prototype of the Koenigsegg brand, the 1996 CC coupe.

The front gearbox has two multi-disc wet clutches for varying the torque on the right and left sides, and in the individual transmissions of the two rear electric motors there is also a wet clutch to deactivate the rear axle and save fuel while driving smoothly on the highway.

Such a multifaceted product has turned out from a company with a 26-year history. A total of 300 copies of the Koenigsegg Gemera grand tourer will be released. The price has not been officially announced, but they say that it will be somewhere in the region of 1.7 million euros (125 million rubles).

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