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Lada Niva 2018.

Lada Niva 2018.

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Lada Niva is an SUV with a big history. The first models came off the assembly line in 1977. For many years the image of this car remained unchanged, it was a reliable car for rural roads without any special design delights. Only the last 20 years it gradually began to change. There was an armored modification of the Niva-Bronto, hunting Lada Lynx. In 2014, Niva Urban began to be produced. There were also extended modifications of Bronto, Fora, Force and others.

New Lada Niva

Soon motorists will see a completely new Niva 4×4, in 2018 or in 2019 it will be seen on the streets. Perhaps, it could have been done earlier, but in Lada XRAY in 2016, Lada Vesta station wagon was announced to be launched in the summer of 2017. Apparently, in order not to overheat the motorists novelties, the management decided not to rush with the new SUV.

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New Lada Niva.

Design of the new Lada Niva 2018.

About a new Lada Niva in 2018 little is known. The machine has not yet been put on the conveyor and no one has even seen the prototype model. All works on its creation are conducted in the strictest secrecy, and the information is fed in small scant portions in order to constantly keep motorists warm.


New Lada Niva..

The President of AvtoVAZ said that the new SUV will preserve the passability, proportions and style of the Niva, but at the same time it will get a radically new look. Photos of the new Niva 4×4 in 2018 have not yet appeared on the network, but there are informal rendors that are a free design fantasy. Presumably, the car should retain the slope of the racks, as in the previous model. Those who saw mock-ups say that they have rectangular headlights. The appearance of the car is rumored to be brutal, the layouts of the concept look solid and durable. Two layouts were created: three-door and five-door.

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New Lada Niva..

All unofficial visualizations are based on the latest models of Lada XRAY and Lada Vesta. However, it is known that the designers are not going to broadcast the look of these models on a new Niva, and, probably, it will be only remotely similar to the way it is now depicted.

It is also known that over the project, in addition to chief designer Steve Mattin, the linker Prusov and designer Semushkin work — they designed the design of the two previous generations of the Niva. Probably, it is thanks to them that they will be able to preserve the classical features of the Niva. While it is not known when the Niva off-road car will be launched, the concept of 2018 has not yet been shown to us. Now the car does not even have a name, or it simply does not open, and it is unofficially called Niva-3.


New Lada Niva....

Dimensions of the new Niva 4×4 2018.

Dimensions of the new Niva are still unknown, but judging by the leaked information, they will be close to Chevrolet Niva. Presumable dimensions: length: — 4100 mm (five-door version) wheelbase — 2450 mm. Luggage compartment volume 400 liters; The height of the body is 1600 mm. These figures are hypothetical, but they are unlikely to be very different from the real ones.

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New Lada Niva...


The chief engineer of AvtoVAZ informed that the Niva in the new body of 2018 will retain the longitudinal arrangement of the motor and the permanent drive. Most likely for this SUV will use a VAZ-21176 engine with a capacity of 122 horsepower. However, there is also such a version that the new Niva is equipped with a Fiat MultiJet motor. However, this is a low-powered engine from 75 to 90 l / s, any motorist under the hood of the Niva would like to see a more powerful gasoline VAZ-21176.

As for the transmission, it is still unknown whether the old box will be modernized, analogues from the Renault-Nissan arsenal will be used or a new transmission will be developed.

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