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Lada Niva Legend 2022.

Lada Niva Legend 2022.

Lada Niva Legend 2022.

Despite the fact that the Lada Niva Legend 2022 in its current design will not change significantly in the near future, Avtovaz is still making some modifications to the vehicle.

However, the future of the SUV is still in question.

Thus, recently it became known that the company «Avtovaz» has made adjustments to the modifications of the Niva Legend in the Urban version.

The manufacturer has slightly simplified this version, which should have kept its prices at the same level.

So, according to the published information, now Niva Legend Urban cannot be ordered with seats clad in combined materials.

SUV by default and in all versions is equipped with seats with fabric upholstery.

However, the manipulations didn’t have any effect on the prices.

For instance, at the beginning of March, Lada Niva Legend has gone up in price by 87 thousand roubles.

Just two weeks after that, the AvtoVAZ company raised prices on the SUV by 42 thousand rubles again.

Lada Niva Legend 2022.

As a result, today the cheapest complete set of a three-door Niva Legend costs practically 819 thousand rubles.

And that’s not counting the surcharges, which are set by Avtovaz dealers. The manufacturer has also raised the cost of maintenance.

The owners of Niva Legend will have to pay from 6 to 18.5 thousand rubles for maintenance service in March. Maintenance has gone up in price by 1.1 to 3.6 thousand rubles.

The price increase is largely caused by acute shortage of parts and disruption of logistics supply of parts.

Under these conditions, not only Avtovaz has to constantly review price lists for its models, but also other manufacturers.

Lada Niva Legend 2022.

Because of this, the management of the Volga Automobile Plant may decide to start the assembly of incomplete cars.

In particular, Niva Legend may be produced without antilock brakes system.

It is important to note that cars without ABS will not go on sale openly, as it directly contradicts the legislation.

Probably all under-equipped SUVs will be stored at Volga Automobile Plant or sent to dealers’ warehouses.

Then the latter will install ABS as soon as this equipment is available.

Lada Niva Legend 2022.

While Avtovaz is solving the problems caused by the shortage of components, Germany continues to develop the recently debuted special version Niva Legend.

A few months ago the German company presented Zubr SUV, which is based on Russian model. Now it has become known that engineers have released a new version of the car.

As follows from the published description, the presented Zubr differs from its standard modification only in the presence of protective coating of the body, which is applied to the plastic parts and headlights.

The body of this model is also painted in orange, which can be «diluted» with black inserts.

The Zubr version is also notable for 150 mm more ground clearance. As a result, the German engineers have increased the number of modifications to the SUV to four.

Lada Niva Legend 2022.

Earlier they released 3 and 5-door versions of Zubr and one pickup with a compact cargo platform.

As for the future Lada Niva Legend, Avtovaz does not give any comments on it yet.

Earlier in the Network there were speculations that the Russian SUV will be redesigned in the style of the Dacia Bigster.

At least, analysts think that such version of Niva Legend will be created for export to Europe.

However Avtovaz stated that the SUV will develop in its own way. That is, there is a probability that it will not be transferred to the CMF-B platform.


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