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Lada Niva Travel 2021.

Lada Niva Travel 2021.

Lada Niva Travel 2021.

Lada Niva Travel 2021: a new VAZ all-terrain vehicle with a European body design.
The result of cooperation with the Renault-Nissan alliance was the restyling of the popular domestic SUV Niva Chevrolet, which in a new embodiment will enter the market under the name Lada Niva Travel 2021.

The modernization has identified itself with a modified front end design, a square configuration of wheel arches, modern graphics and the appearance of the taillights. A set of comfortable seats will appear in the cabin, the functionality of media and comfort-forming equipment will be expanded.


In the photo, in the most expressive, front, perspective, the new body of the modernized domestic SUV demonstrates:

• massive protective linings for the front window pillars;

• rounded front edge of a slightly sloping bonnet;

• xenon front optics units combined with direction indicators;

• a monolithic construction of a massive radiator perimeter and a bumper equipped with fog lamps.

Lada Niva Travel 2021.

The lower part of the front is equipped with a plate for a registration plate and a protective panel with cutouts for two towing arms. The decorative component is represented by the chrome plating of the brand logo, the cellular texture of the radiator mesh and the details of the aggressive ribbed relief characteristic of off-road cars.

With a side view, Lada Niva Travel 2021 attracts attention with significant changes in the design of the sidewalls. In stock:

• domed contour of the roof equipped with roof rails;

• wide racks of large-format side glazing;

• rectangular mirrors and compact door handles recessed into the body.

The structural features of the lower body segment include straight profiles of side reliefs, effective sill protection and stepped contours of square wheel arches. Also of interest is the off-road design of the 17-inch rims.

In a typical for European prototypes aft configuration, a positive perception is formed by a large opening of the tailgate with a container for a full-size spare wheel, the graphics of vertical lights installed on the side racks and the compact dimensions of the curly protective panel of the plastic body kit.

Despite a certain external resemblance to its Japanese counterpart, Toyota Rav 4, the new model, Lada Niva Travel of 2021 model, has its own personality and positive visual perception in the front projection.

Lada Niva Travel 2021.


The least changes are in the finishing assortment and technical equipment of the five-seater saloon. The interior offers options for fabric and kozhimite design, the so-called Finnish front panel copied from the Samara 2 model and layout solutions known from Niva-Chevrolet.

The information content of the bright and easy-to-read instrument panel is complemented by a color polychrome monitor of the on-board computer.

The upper tier of the center console is occupied by a 7-inch diagonal media display. A block of ventilation deflectors is located between the activation consoles of a few component options.

The composition of the central tunnel is strictly functional, there are levers for a mechanical transmission, a transfer case and a mechanical parking brake.

The well-profiled and ergonomic pilot seats are well received with lateral support. Despite the budgetary status, the boarding and road service of the Lada Niva Travel 2021 model is inferior to European standards only in small details.

Lada Niva Travel 2021.

The lack of service functions in the design of the rear three-seater sofa is compensated by the backrest tilt adjustment, the presence of an armrest and the possibility of partial dismantling of more than twofold increase in the volume of the 320-liter trunk.

The test drive confirmed the effectiveness of the new soundproofing of the cabin, the excellent interaction of the component units, the comfort and efficiency of the thoroughly revised independent suspension.

The manufacturer intends to offer a list of additional options, including:

• off-road tires;

• special plastic body kit;

• a number of comfort-forming and functional options.


Compact outer dimensions in proportional ratios of 4099 x 1804 and 1652 mm in urban conditions remove a significant part of parking problems. The center base with a length of 2450 mm is responsible for running stability, and 220 mm of ground clearance for off-road characteristics.

The assets of the modernized chassis include:

• lever-spring suspension of the front axle;

• mechanically connected four-wheel drive;

• combined disc and shoe brakes;

• corresponding to the budgetary status of the security system.

Lada Niva Travel 2021.

Unfortunately, the upgrade did not affect the parameters of the power unit. The proposed tandem includes a 1.7-liter gasoline «aspirated» with an output of 80 hp / 127 Nm of peak thrust and a five-speed manual transmission.

The dynamics of the speed gain at the level of 14 sec / 100 km / h is fully sufficient for driving in the dense traffic flow of modern megalopolises. The Lada Niva model of the Travel series develops a speed of up to 140 km / h and consumes up to 10.2 liters of fuel and lubricants for every hundred run in mixed mode.

Options and prices

According to available data, the initial price of the base model will be announced at 850-880 thousand rubles. The cost of the top version is being specified.

Sales start in Russia

As far as we know, the first batches have already left the assembly lines of AvtoVAZ, it should be expected that new domestic SUVs will appear on sale in the near future. The specific release date in Russia will be known in the first quarter of 2021.

Competing models

In the category of budget SUVs, the new Lada Niva Travel 2021 model year, with varying degrees of success, can compete with the same type of European and Asian counterparts.

In a small approximate list, the leading models are Renault Duster, Lifan X70, UAZ Hunter and JAC S5. The domestic all-terrain vehicle, adapted for operation in difficult climatic conditions, is inferior to foreign models in terms of the composition and functionality of the equipment, but it is significantly superior in cross-country ability in off-road conditions.

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