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Lada Niva Travel 2022.

Lada Niva Travel 2022.

Lada Niva Travel 2022.

Lada Niva Travel 2022: popular Russian off-road vehicle in the new look
At the beginning of zero years one of the most popular SUV among Russian motorists was Chevrolet Niva.

A couple of years ago, the production of this sales hit was curtailed, but it was replaced by the Lada Niva Travel 2022.

In fact, it is still the same simple and unpretentious «cross-countryman», but restyling made the car a little more modern externally, added some conveniences in the cabin and slightly tweaked the driving characteristics.

In general, the car seems much more harmonious than before, and probably will be in no less demand than its famous predecessor.


On the photo of the novelty is clearly visible changes that have taken place with its body.

If before the car had mostly smooth contours, but now it is brutal and stylish SUV with a developed front.

Of course, the design of the new body continues to raise questions, but now their number is markedly diminished.

The muzzle of the Lada Niva Travel 2022 is set at a medium height, is not characterized by large dimensions and has a square outline.

Windshield is not very large and its slope angle is still not impressive, but the strict hood lid, into which it passes, has become more muscular and has almost lost its slope.

Lada Niva Travel 2022.

Immediately below it the bright headlights with inexpensive but quality halogen filling and daytime running lights.

Under them there are not flawless from the design point of view plastic inserts in body color, and the main place here is occupied by a massive black plastic mask, including air intake slots, a large chrome «Lada» nameplate, slots for large fog lights, as well as a powerful protective metal insert in the center.

The profile of the new model is still angular, but it is a little more elegant thanks to the slightly bigger windows with a perfect shape and relief, which organically includes a very protruding parts of the hull.

The new model is complemented by large black rails, large ingenuous mirrors and door handles, as well as renewed five-beam wheel rims.

The rear part of the «cross-country vehicle» has changed less. It includes the same swinging door with a large vertically mounted window and a box for the spare tire.

The LED vertical lights are slightly larger and look a little more modern due to the fancy trim.

The black plastic trim does not cause a feeling of power, but in the grace it can not be denied.

Lada Niva Travel 2022.

Numerous recesses allowed to place here the vertical fog lights, trapezoidal platform for the license plate, as well as recesses for off-road equipment.

The bumper ends with a large rectangular steel protective insert.


Inside the new Lada Niva Travel 2022 model year, everything is subordinated to the considerations of simplicity and economy.

Of the materials here are simple plastic, fabric and eco leather, which are not quite practical and assembled in not the best way.

However, you can’t refuse the practicality of the frame car, but you can’t be pleasantly surprised either.

Controls and controls

Big steering wheel with not very convenient rim and absence of any command buttons on spokes is settled down directly in front of the driver.

Lada Niva Travel 2022.

Immediately behind it there is slightly modified dashboard with a classic combination of instruments and a simple on-board computer.

A little more to the right you can find a few rows of rather archaic buttons, and above them — a small unpretentious tablet command and entertainment center.

Below there is a row of simple deflectors, and then — a block of climate system «knobs» and devices for connection of external data carriers.

The central tunnel of the car will get a small cup holder, two large old-fashioned levers to control the transmission, a simple organizer and not the most practical armrest.

Seats and trunk

The car has five seats, the configuration and filling of which will not allow to move with comfort over long distances, but will be quite suitable for trips around the city and «trips» to the country.

Lada Niva Travel 2022.

Options here are minimum: mechanical position adjustments, heating and the simplest support from the sides — for the front row and the ability to slightly change the tilt of the back and use the folding armrest — for the rear.

The luggage compartment is not very good too: as the test drive has shown, you cannot place more than 318 liters of luggage in it with a lifted backrest of a rear sofa and 700 liters — if it is folded.

Technical characteristics

The car has quite modest dimensions: 4.1 meters in length, 1.8 in width and 1.69 in height. Thus clearance of Lada Niva Travel 2022 makes solid 22 centimeters.

Unfortunately, the car is still equipped with 1.7-liter capacity petrol power-unit with efficiency of only 80 «horses», working together with manual 5-speed gearbox, and this combination is not able to surprise neither fast acceleration, nor good passability, despite of presence of reduction gear, nor imputed fuel consumption.

Options and prices

Updated «Shniva» entered the market in the three usual for the fans of the brand options: the «classic», «comfort» and «luxury», and the last two can be complemented by a package Off-road, making the car much more interesting off-road.

The starting price of the product makes psychologically comfortable 780 thousand rubles. The top version will be 162 thousand units of Russian currency more expensive.

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