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Lada Raven 2020.

Lada Raven 2020

Lada Raven 2020.

Lada Raven 2020: will there be a domestic supercar?
Rumors that the AvtoVAZ company is going to release its own supercar have been circulating for a long time. At one time in Russia there was already a brand that produced similar machines — Marussia, but due to low sales, it did not last long.

The new model from the Lada brand is obliged to sell better, since there is much more confidence in this name, and also much more fans. Unfortunately, so far only sketches of how the Lada Raven will look are known. At the moment, there is no information about the interior, or about the characteristics, or about the cost of the sports car.

Lada Raven 2020


The main stake in the car is made on design. The new body is completely unlike anything that AvtoVAZ produces. In the photo you can see that the sports car has a relatively small size, is very aerodynamic and includes a large number of air intake systems. If the car really looks like this, then it will definitely find its buyer, since even among foreign cars there is practically nothing similar.

Decorative and useful elements of the car are approximately evenly scattered throughout the body, but it is the front that looks more aggressive. Since the engine will be located in the rear of the car, the front bumper does not take up much space. It is very short, rather low and strongly sloped, which has a positive effect on aerodynamics. It all starts here with a small windshield, which is also part of the roof.

Under the window is a short and not very wide bonnet cover, under which there will be a small hole for storing luggage. The lid itself is covered with a lot of relief, represented by thin protruding ribs running along.

Lada Raven 2020

On the sides of the hood are huge extensions, which also have a relief, small air intakes, and also in small recesses there are head optics, made in the form of very thin stripes. In theory, in any configuration, it should be filled with LED lights to provide the best possible illumination of the road.

The lower part of the bumper is very formidable and very unusual. In terms of area, it is much larger than the main part. It contains huge air intake systems on the sides, which are divided into several parts by thin lines of the body. There are no air intakes in the center of this design, but the Lada badge flaunts here and there is little room for a license plate. There is also a diffuser, modest by the standards of a car.

The car’s profile is very futuristic, menacing and stylish. The windows here are made in the form of a semicircle and are decorated with a decorative strip painted in any color that the buyer wishes.

There are also interestingly colored and unusual rear-view mirrors on which the turn signals will also be located. The door here does not take up so much space and, most likely, should open up. It has a lot of undulating relief, large air intake systems in the lower part, as well as decorative inserts painted in the color chosen by the buyer.

Lada Raven 2020

Also striking here are massive arches that bulge outward. Under them are no less huge wheels with bright discs.

The design of the rear is in no way inferior to the muzzle. It all starts with the wide tailgate, which is also the roof. On it you can find many cutouts, since under the cover there is a motor, and various decorative inserts. Then the bumper expands noticeably and takes on an insanely aggressive look, which not all famous sports cars can match. Like the front, the center bumper is empty here, but takes on an interesting shape.

It will be possible to place a license plate here without any problems. But on the sides of this structure there is a pair of solid-sized recesses, in which there are formidable side lights, brake lights and air intake systems, divided into several parts by body lines. At the very bottom of the bumper is a diffuser similar to the front one and a twin exhaust placed in the center.

Lada Raven 2020


Unfortunately, so far one can only guess how the new Lada Raven 2019 model year will look inside. Given its appearance, you can expect a bunch of modern and interesting solutions for the interior.

Car trim should be done with materials such as Alcantara, carbon and aluminum to reduce the weight of the car without sacrificing comfort. Also, leather must be present. It is worth counting on excellent multimedia, since any sports car should have systems that increase safety and comfort.

The seats, of which there will be only two, will take the form of sports buckets, equipped with excellent lateral support, seat belts and various options to make it comfortable to travel by car in Russian conditions, that is, heated and ventilated.

Then one can only guess what will be inside the car, so you should wait for the presentation of at least the concept.

Lada Raven 2020


There is no information on the technical performance of the Lada Raven 2020. Obviously, none of the engines installed in other cars of the company are suitable for this sports car.

Most likely, the brand representatives will have to make friends with the Aurus company, since their motors are great for this car. Will it be so — we will find out later. But it is obvious that the car must be powerful, otherwise such a design will simply not cost anything.

Options and prices

Price is another parameter that remains undisclosed, as well as the set of options offered for the car.

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