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Lada Raven 2021.

Lada Raven 2021.

Lada Raven 2021.

Lada Raven 2021: a stylish sports car with Russian roots and a hazy future.

The AvtoVAZ association, well-known to domestic motorists, has been trying for a number of years to launch a piece assembly of sports cars, but it has not even reached the announcement yet. Information about the 2021 Lada Raven has already become somewhat more, but what kind of car it will be and with which engine is still unclear.

Russian designer Dmitry Lazarev began work on the appearance of the new model several years ago, but today it is only known that the new product is already assembled by hand to order in Austria under the name Milan Red.


As already noted, most of the information to this day is available about the appearance of the Lada Raven 2021. Its body is not a restyling of something that existed before, but is a completely new development that is not inferior to the aggressiveness of leading foreign manufacturers.

Judging by the photo, there will be a huge number of all kinds of air intakes, smooth relief transitions, stylish lighting equipment and less significant decorative elements that create an interesting and bright look.

Lada Raven 2021.

The engine of the novelty will be located at the rear of the body, which will make the front end relatively small and give it a tilt to improve aerodynamic performance and visibility.

The abundance of relief, which flaunts throughout the entire area of ​​the hood, contributes to the achievement of these goals.

Along the edges, slightly below the cover, there are stylish oblong arrows of the head optics, in which, regardless of the configuration, there will be high-quality LED lights.

Below you can find many air intake systems of an interesting configuration and slightly recessed into the body. In the middle there is a large chrome Lada badge.

The face of the Lada Raven 2021 ends with a small body kit, on which even more embossed transitions, decorative plates with a color different from the rest of the body color, as well as other decorations that give the car a bright, futuristic look, stand out.

In profile, the new body looks no less interesting. It seems to be low, but it grows seriously towards the bottom.

In addition, serious expansion can be observed in the front end, and this is due to the presence of large wheel arches and enlarged rims.

Lada Raven 2021.

The top of it all will get bright but small windows without any trim. Of the additional elements, only rounded rear-view mirrors with turn signal repeaters can be noted.

Below, the undulating relief begins, multi-level inserts painted in different colors, as well as air intake slots that deliver air flows to both the engine and the brakes.

The car’s feed came out especially aggressive. It has been expanded to the maximum possible size and decorated with many small but bright elements.

The sloping roof of the car goes into a small trunk with a modest relief and air intakes for cooling the power plant.

Below you can find decorative panels in the color that a particular customer prefers. Underneath it all can be found evil, stylish optics in the form of oblique stripes, as well as thin lines of stop lights.

In the center of the bumper, you can find a large «hump» around which slots of various sizes and shapes adorn, conducting air flows to highly heated technical elements. The lower part of the bumper received large exhaust pipes and a sporty diffuser.


It is still unclear what can be found in the cabin of the new Lada Raven 2021 model year, however, it is clear that it will be equipped with decent materials, among which there will certainly be high-quality leather, carbon and aluminum inserts, as well as Alcantara and good plastic.

The multimedia system and seats will certainly meet the requirements of the owners for cars of this class.

Control and management bodies

Most likely, the center console will be a combination of a digital dashboard and an entertainment center display that strongly protrudes towards the driver.

The steering wheel will be made in a pronounced sporty style: small in size and original shape with a lining in the lower part and an abundance of buttons on the spokes.

There is reason to believe that the central tunnel will also receive a developed technical unit, led by a transmission selector, but enough space will be given to the comfort elements: in addition to cup holders and an organizer, a convenient armrest with a content cooling function will be available.

Lada Raven 2021.


The dimensions of the novelty will make it possible to accommodate only two people in the cabin, in the most convenient buckets, which, moreover, will ensure the safety of passengers.

As options will be offered: heating, ventilation, precise settings with the function of memory position and many others.

It is not yet necessary to talk about the volume of the trunk, but it is clear that it will not even be possible to call it average: the maximum that it will be able to take is a couple of sports bags — and that’s it.


Very little is known about the engine compartment parameters of the Lada Raven 2021, most likely, the power plant will be borrowed from one of the foreign manufacturers, and its output will be about 200-350 forces.

The transmission will be automatic or semi-automatic, however, it will be possible to say something specific about it and the drive system only after a test drive.

Options and prices

There is also no information about the price of the car, however, it is clear that it will not be cheap, despite not being the most prestigious brand. You should not expect an abundance of complete sets of a sports car, since there will obviously not be a lot of power plants and transmissions.

Sales start in Russia

There is no talk of a release date in Russia yet, since this project is too expensive for AvtoVAZ. As new information about the car appears, it becomes clear that its release is already getting closer, but even optimists can assume it no earlier than in 2022-2023.

Competing models

The managers of the Russian carmaker assume that Lada Raven will be able to compete with the Porsche 911 Turbo, Toyota Supra and other cars «sharpened» for sports.

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