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Lada Vesta Cross 2021.

Lada Vesta Cross 2021.

Lada Vesta Cross 2021.

Lada Vesta Cross 2021: a practical budget all-terrain wagon.
The company «AvtoVAZ» for the past few years has consistently pleased its fans with interesting novelties.

This time restyling will affect one of the most popular station wagons of the domestic brand — the Vesta Cross model.

The ability to cope with light off-road conditions, coupled with a bright appearance and a spacious interior, should be the main trump cards of the Lada Vesta Cross 2021 in attracting buyers of different genders and ages.

In addition, the price of this good looking station wagon continues to be very budgetary, and this allows us to predict a consistently high demand for it.


Even from the photo, you can determine that the appearance of the novelty, although it remained recognizable, has undergone very serious changes.

Lada Vesta Cross 2021.

First of all, the optics became more expressive, the body kit acquired new outlines, and the ground clearance grew to 203 mm. The protection of the body from external damage has also become more effective.

The new body looks most interesting from the front. The muzzle begins with a panoramic windshield, noticeably piled back and smoothly turning into an inclined hood, generously sprinkled with longitudinal embossed edges. At the front, a black plastic radiator grille with a license plate area, a brand name plate and chrome stripes at the bottom form an X-shaped front end.

Large-format head xenon lighting units received slightly redesigned daytime running lights.

The body kit of the Lada Vesta Cross 2021 contains an additional air intake, small rounded diffusers with integrated LED fog lights, as well as a powerful protective layer in the lower part.

Lada Vesta Cross 2021.

The profile of the new model continues the tradition of the X-style, featuring interesting embossed embossings on the doors and fenders. This part of the body begins with chrome rails that emphasize the streamlined silhouette of the car.

The windows cannot be called large, they rise a little closer to the stern and are separated by wide black pillars.

Large mirrors will receive turn signal repeaters regardless of the configuration, and a massive protective layer of black plastic extending along the entire bottom of the body will complete the look of the novelty.

At the rear, the car received a modest visor covering a small rounded glass, rather massive horizontal side lights, and an interesting recess for the registration plate.

The bumper has remained the same, only the lower part has acquired a more impressive protective layer and is complemented by a small metal insert.

Lada Vesta Cross 2021.


The finishing materials of the new Lada Vesta Cross 2021 model year remain the same: good fabrics, artificial leather and plastic. However, the interior began to appear visually more spacious due to orange inserts on the doors, front console and seats.

The entertainment system has also improved somewhat, and the driver will also be pleased with additional functions that facilitate control.

Front end decoration

The torpedo has retained its previous shape and is distinguished by a large multimedia display strictly in the center and large air ducts around it.

Lada Vesta Cross 2021.

A neat block of work with climate control and buttons for activating auxiliary options flaunts just below. Then it all goes into a tunnel with a large transmission selector and a few more buttons.

Not far from all this, you can find several organizers, as well as a cozy armrest, which gives access to another compartment for small things.

The three-spoke steering wheel will delight you with additional control buttons and heating, and the dashboard with three main sensors and an onboard computer is informative.

Seats and trunk

The car, as before, is designed for relatively comfortable movement of five adult riders. The front seats are well profiled and equipped with heating, as well as a standard VAZ set of adjustments.

However, judging by the test drive, lateral and lumbar support is still lacking here.

The rear sofa is not the largest and not the most comfortable, but three adult passengers can easily overcome even a long distance on it. And the folding of the second row backrest will almost double the 580-liter luggage compartment.

In addition, about 90 liters of luggage necessary on the road can be placed in a floor recess at the rear of the body.


It will not be possible to find something fundamentally new under the hood of the Lada Vesta Cross 2021. The manufacturer still installs 1.6 or 1.8 liter engines on the car.

The first power unit can develop 106 or 113 forces. The first is «sharpened» for work with mechanics, and the second — with a variator. Such characteristics provide a very democratic gas mileage, which does not exceed 7.4 liters per 100 kilometers.

The 1.8-liter engine is capable of showing already 122 «horses», and it can work either with a five-stage mechanic or with a «robot». Here fuel appetites will be bigger — up to 8 liters in the combined cycle, but these cars will also be able to accelerate much faster.

But the drive, despite the manufacturer’s statement about the ability to move on light off-road, will have no alternative to the front one.

Options and prices

The buyer will have access to two complete sets of new items, however, each can be expanded with additional packages of options.

The simplest versions of the car will cost the buyer 790 thousand rubles, while the price of the top will already be 1.04 million units of the Russian currency.

Sales start in Russia

It is known about the release date of the station wagon in Russia that it can be bought from the beginning of winter 2020-2021.

Four-wheel drive versions of the car may appear next year.

Competing models

It is problematic to find direct competitors for such a low cost, however, the closest models can be considered Skoda Octavia Combi and Kia Rio X-Line.

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