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Lada Vesta FL 2020.

Lada Vesta FL 2020

Lada Vesta FL 2020.

New Lada Vesta FL 2020 with a Tesla-like interior.
AvtoVAZ does not cease to please numerous fans with its new products. Back in February of this year, thanks to the efforts of the ubiquitous reporters, photos appeared on the network of an updated version of Lada Vesta 2020 model year. Letters FL allow us to conclude that the new Lada will be able to primarily boast of an updated appearance.

Some time ago it became known that 4 prototypes have already been assembled to date. They will be used exclusively for testing purposes at the training grounds and specialized walls of AvtoVAZ. The results of such a comprehensive check will allow to identify and subsequently eliminate all kinds of malfunctions and malfunctions in the design of the units and assemblies of the presented car.

Lada Vesta FL 2020


The updated sedan will receive a completely new appearance. New Lada will acquire a stylish, dynamic design that differs from its predecessor in more prominent shapes and rapid contours. Something new was added to every element of the exterior.

Both the front and rear body kits have changed. In their performance, the predominance of smoother, rounded outlines can be noted. The optics elements of the updated Lada have also undergone changes. They began to look more perfect from an aesthetic point of view.

It will not be superfluous to mention the side mirrors of the car. In addition to the fact that their design will radically differ from the previous version, they will be equipped with a drive that will allow you to remotely fold them if necessary. Another innovation in the facelift touches the washer nozzles. From now on, they will be placed in special niches in front of the windshield.

Lada Vesta FL 2020

The specified appearance features of the updated Lada do not give a full guarantee that the production car will look like this. There are many controversial points about this. Among other things, there is a likelihood that the updated car will be based on the B0 platform.

Also, at the initial stage of designing a car, the question was only about its facelift. But, after some time, AvtoVAZ was inclined to implement a larger project. The primary tasks of the project at the moment are reduced to improving ergonomics and updating the appearance of the car.


What is new inside the Lada Vesta FL? If you believe in the authenticity of the images posted on the network, the color scheme of the interior will be presented in two versions: dark yellow and dark beige.

With a closer look at the photographs, you will notice that the door cards, the front panel, and the central tunnel of the car have slightly changed. In addition, the shape of the deflectors and door handles has changed. The steering wheel has become smaller in diameter and has acquired a different, more original design.

Lada Vesta FL 2020

It is also worth noting some improvements to the gearshift lever. It will take on a slightly different form. Not far from the hollow for the cup holder is the electronic handbrake button. The instrument panel has not undergone any changes. More decorative elements appeared, made of their plastic with chrome spraying.

It is also noted that the on-board auto system has acquired a new enlarged display. A significant plus was the layout and placement of functional controls. Now they are located in the best way in terms of ergonomics of the passenger compartment.

Technical equipment

As a power plant, 3 types of previously used motors will be installed on the new Lada. Everyone has known them for a long time. These are domestic models 21129 and 21179, with a volume of 1.6 and 1.8 liters. As an alternative, a 1.6 HR liter Nissan HR16 DE engine can be mounted.

Lada Vesta FL 2020

Manufacturers note that the Nissan engine, instead of the timing belt, is equipped with a chain, which significantly increases the reliability of this unit. I would like to hope so, but opinions regarding the reliability of this system differ among the owners of Lad. If you believe the factory specifications, the resource of the engines presented is about 280 — 300 thousand km.

The transmission of the updated LADA Vesta FL model is represented by the variator JF015E, from the Japanese manufacturer Jatco, who managed to perfectly prove himself on various brands of cars. Nevertheless, it has a number of drawbacks, among which a weak pressure reducing valve, increased wear of the sun gear and untimely failure of the variator belt.
The choice of gearbox, most likely, would be made in favor of 5-speed mechanics or robotic AMT.

Cost and start of sales

At the moment, it is too early to name the exact release dates of the new Lada Vesta. In previously submitted materials, it was announced that the car will go on sale at the end of this year. Recently it became known about the revision of this statement. It is expected that this significant event for many will take place no earlier than February 2020.
The cost of the updated Lada, according to the most conservative estimates, should be about 1 million rubles.

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