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Lada X-Ray 2021.

Lada X-Ray 2021.

Lada X-Ray 2021.

Lada X-Ray 2021: VAZ hatchback with off-road characteristics.
In the near future, a new version of a budget front-wheel-drive hatchback with elements of a crossover layout — Lada X-Ray 2021 — will roll off the assembly lines of AvtoVAZ.

The consistently high demand for its predecessor has become a significant prerequisite for creating a more comfortable and technically advanced model of the new generation.

The successor of the model range is characterized by modern body design, the successful embodiment of a number of original design and technological brand developments. The new VAZ product is positioned as a B-class hatchback in an SUV with improved off-road parameters.


The manufacturer does not hide that many design features of the front end are copied from the latest versions of the Lada Vesta model. Nevertheless, modern elements prevail in the bright and expressive design of the front end. In the photo in the most advantageous frontal view, the Lada X-Rey of the 2021 model attracts attention:

Lada X-Ray 2021.

• black gloss of the panoramic windshield perimeter;

• dotted line running lights and built-in direction indicators of wedge-shaped front optics units;

• X-shaped configuration combined with ventilation air intake and anti-fog lampshades of the cross-lamellar radiator cladding.

The design of the front end is completed by a slightly protruding metal body kit, protected from mechanical damage by a compact cover made of black plastic. Decorative functions are performed by chrome plating of the VAZ corporate logo, side C-shaped linings and a few details of the body relief.

In the lateral projection, the new model is identified by the branded X-shaped embossings of the sidewalls. Also in sight:

• slight difference in the slopes of the windscreen and compact hood;

• glossy black plastic of the window trim;

• oval-shaped mirrors and stepped wheel arches with 16-inch rims.

The design of the rear side of the case is copied from its predecessor without significant changes. In design features:

• decorative rear window spoiler equipped with stop lighting;

• the luggage compartment door, supplemented with the embossed Lada lettering and chrome nameplates;

• futuristic style of multifunctional lamps and a wide protruding bumper with a massive plastic body kit.

A set of fog lamps and elements of a dynamic stepped relief fit into the surroundings.

Lada X-Ray 2021.


Despite the budgetary status of the hatchback, its salon interior leaves the most pleasant impression. Restyling had a positive effect on the expansion and quality of finishing materials, modernization of technical and electronic equipment.

• In particular, the information content of the combined analog-digital instrument panel has been improved and the command functionality of the 7-inch multimedia display built into the center console has been expanded.

• Several buttons for activating the onboard options are placed on the front plane of the steering wheel.

• In the top-end configuration of the dashboard, there are also ventilation ducts and control panels for adjusting the cabin microclimate.

According to experts, the functional properties of the technical and electronic equipment of the new hatchback fully contribute to the productive and trouble-free operation of the car in different weather and climatic conditions.

In the basic version, the new generation hatch is equipped with a two-channel stereo radio and fewer comfort options. The design of the small tunnel includes a technical sector with a compact mechanical transmission shift lever, cup holders and a small container for small-sized luggage.

Finished with quality fabric, the seating of the first row demonstrates moderate filler stiffness, imitation of lateral support, extended ranges of working adjustments. In the asset of the three-seater sofa, the backrest tilt and the possibility of partial transformation to increase the trunk volume from 376 to 1382 liters.

The new body also features several additional niches, pockets and boxes to accommodate a full-size spare wheel, personal belongings and small luggage.

Lada X-Ray 2021.


The outer dimensions in nominal ratios of 4164 x 1764 and 1570 mm of the hatchback are copied from the earlier model without changes. In the layout and design features of the off-road VAZ hatch:

• the well-proven B0 front-wheel drive platform from Renault-Nissan;

• combined MacPherson and torsion bar suspension of bridges;

• a combination of disc and shoe brakes;

• a base of 2592 mm and a 195 mm ground clearance characteristic of modern SUVs.

In various modifications, the X-Ray model of 2021 is equipped with gasoline engines, with a volume of 1.6 to 1.8 liters, with an output of 106-122 hp, working in a productive tandem with a 5-speed mechanical or robotic transmission.

The test drive confirmed the acceleration dynamics of 11.9-10.9 seconds, the maximum speed of 170-183 km / h, the fuel consumption of 6.9 and 7.5 liters.

The modernized LADA XRAY 2021 feels confident in city traffic, but its off-road characteristics in off-road conditions are far from perfect.

Lada X-Ray 2021.

Options and prices

In the domestic market, the new Lada X-Ray 2021 model year is announced in three modifications: Optima, Luxe and Exclusive.

The starting price of the basic version is 600 thousand rubles.

The cost of the intermediate and top-end modifications is 710 and 805 thousand, respectively. To customize the car in accordance with personal preferences, a list of additional paid options is promised.

Sales start in Russia

The specific release date in Russia by the manufacturer has not been announced. According to preliminary information, the start of sales is scheduled for the end of the autumn season.


X-Ray’s competitor can be called Renault Sandero Stepway.

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