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Lada X-ray Cross 2021.

Lada X-ray Cross 2021.

Lada X-ray Cross 2021.

Lada X-ray Cross 2021: cross-hatchback with the makings of an off-road vehicle.
AvtoVAZ continues to delight fans with regular restyling of its popular and at the same time affordable models.

This time we are talking about the Lada X-Ray Cross 2021. The car differs from the «civilian» modification by its increased ground clearance of 195 mm, a reinforced front bumper, powerful plastic protection around it and large 17-inch wheels.

The technical parameters of the car were slightly changed, and new items appeared in the list of additional equipment. As for the price of the cross-hatch, it has grown a little, but continues to remain affordable for a respectable circle of motorists.


As you can see in the photo, the updated car retained the X-style features familiar to new VAZ cars. At the same time, the front bumper, as well as the lower part of the entire body, were seriously «hardened» due to massive black plastic linings.

Lada X-ray Cross 2021.

The front part of the Lada X-Ray Cross 2021 borrowed many design «chips» from the Vesta model. The heavily tilted, large windshield has a spectacular black-gloss edging, which «cuts» into a small, slightly tilted bonnet with slight raised depressions and raised areas.

Directly in front of it flaunts wedge-shaped head lighting, divided into sections and containing LED daytime running lights.

The radiator grille, which forms the upper part of the letter «X», seems to smile with the lamellas curved upwards and the large chrome nameplate of the brand.

Below there is a platform for a license plate, as well as a backup air intake with a raised central part. Round LED fog lights can be found around the edges.

The silhouette of the front end is accentuated by chrome-plated curved lines, and it is completed with a powerful black-plastic layer near the lower edge of the body kit.

On the side, the new body boasts X-shaped embossings on the fenders and doors, small, austere windows in massive black-plastic trim, as well as a continuation of the protective layer on the wheel arches and sills.

Lada X-ray Cross 2021.

The look is complemented by oval undersized mirrors, modest door handles and 16-inch wheel discs with a branded pattern.

The feed of the new model begins with a small visor over a medium-sized rounded window, a relief generously scattered over the entire area of ​​the fifth door, as well as drop-shaped side lights.

The body kit is made noticeably rougher than that of the «civil» version of X-Ray: made of black plastic, with a large light-metal insert at the very bottom, it includes two fog lights, another stop repeater in the middle, and three slots, in one of which the double-barreled end of the exhaust system will be located.


Despite the relatively low cost, the interior of the new Lada X-Ray Cross 2021 model year makes a good impression.

The plastics and fabrics used here have been improved, some elements of multimedia equipment have been added, as well as “smart assistants” for the driver.

Control and management bodies

The center console boasts a redesigned A / D instrument cluster that is even more informative.

The 7-inch touch screen of the multimedia complex located to the right of it has received additional functions and has become a little more interesting to look outwardly.

Lada X-ray Cross 2021.

But the location of the air ducts and «twists» of the climate system practically did not change.

The steering wheel, according to the sensations, has become a little more comfortable and has got additional buttons on the side spokes.

And the small central tunnel received a 12 V socket, two cup holders, an elegant handle for working with the transmission, a pocket for small items and a not very comfortable armrest.

Seats and trunk

The seats can be added to the assets of the developers of the new model. There will be five of them in the car, and each will be able to boast of good lateral support, medium-hardness filler and a standard set of options, including heated front row, head restraints and position adjustments using mechanical drives.

The back sofa «knows how» to slightly tilt the back and partially transform to be able to transport a larger volume of luggage.

In the stowed position the volume of the trunk is «modest» 370 liters, but after such a transformation it can be increased to almost 1400 liters, which was confirmed by a test drive.

The cabin also contains several additional organizers and pockets for storing personal belongings of the driver and passengers. The full-size spare wheel is completely hidden under a recess in the rear of the body.

Lada X-ray Cross 2021.


For the Lada X-ray Cross 2021, the familiar gasoline engines of 1.6 and 1.8 liters with 113 and 122 «horses», respectively, will be available.

The cars will be equipped with either a five-speed manual transmission or a CVT. But the drive will always be front only.

Despite the increased ground clearance, the characteristics of the car will not allow you to feel confident off-road, but in the city and on the highway, the cross-hatch will be like a fish in water.

At the same time, one of the most important advantages of the car will be its low fuel consumption: from 7.3 to 7.5 liters of gasoline in the combined cycle.

Options and prices

The car is available in four trim levels, two of which can be expanded by purchasing additional packages. The starting cost of Lada X-Ray Cross 2021 will be 790 thousand rubles.

The most sophisticated modifications will be sold for more than a million units of Russian currency.

Sales start in Russia

The issue of the release date in Russia of the novelty is no longer relevant, since the car can be bought from the fall of 2020.

Competing models

The most obvious competitor of X-ray should be considered Renault Sandero Stepway. However, Renault Duster and even Kia Rio X-line can be attributed to rivals for the buyer’s wallet with a slight stretch.

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