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Lamborghini Sian 2020.

Lamborghini Sian 2020.

Lamborghini Sian 2020.

The Lamborghini Sian 2020 is the first hybrid supercar of the limited edition.
At the last Frankfurt Motor Show, all eyes were riveted to the Lamborghini booth, where the Italians’ first hybrid model stood out. The novelty of 2019-2020 was named Sian (translated as “lightning”) and was created on the basis of Aventador.


So much attention to the new Lamborghini was no accident. With its hybrid installation, Italians will be able to surprise even Ilona Mask.

Immediately it is worth noting, like all modern hybrids, the new Lamborghini Sian 2020 uses an electric motor only as an auxiliary element, the main thrust is engaged in a 6.5-liter atmospheric monster with 12 cylinders with a V-shaped arrangement.

Electric motor compared to a 785 hp gasoline engine and 720 Hm seems like a small animal — 32 hp and 38 Hm.
In total, the power of the new Lamborghini is 819 hp. The control is taken by a robotic box into which an electric motor was miraculously implanted. Adaptive suspension is responsible for stability on the road. The main traction is on the rear axle, but thanks to the clutch, part of the front wheels take over.

Lamborghini Sian 2020.

As the Italians said, the goal of creating a hybrid was not at all to give additional power or the pursuit of electric hype. The electric motor works perfectly at acceleration from cruising speed, for example, from 70 km / h to 130 (the electric motor turns off at 130 km / h). Plus, the constant inclusion in the work smooths out the moments with a sharp gear shift and, surprisingly, increases the convenience of parking (only an electric train can be used for parking).

The most interesting thing in the electrical installation is not the engine at all, but the presence of a supercapacitor that performs the function of a battery, while it is three times smaller, lighter and produces much better energy exchange rates. Plus it allows you to work on a 48-volt network. Also, an important point for a hypercar, all hybrid technology, including an electric motor, is addictive by only 34 kg.

Now a little bit of comparison is not a hybrid analogue in the person of Aventador and the new Sian. The indicator for overclocking to hundreds for the same platform models is the same — 2.8 seconds. But in acceleration to 120 km / h, the hybrid is already showing its advantage by as much as 1.2 seconds. The maximum speed of the cars is 350 km / h.

Lamborghini Sian 2020.



The Lamborghini hypercar design bureau has always kept aloof from the rest. This is probably why their product cannot be confused with anything else. Each model stands out not only due to the width of the body, which is often almost more than a standard road lane, but also due to the use of non-standard parts and materials. By the way, the entire Sian body is completely made of carbon fiber.

On the side you can observe the same continuous arc from the front to the stern itself, which provides the best aerodynamic performance. Huge air intakes on the side also improve these indicators, additionally cooling the aspirated and successfully fitting wide wings.

In front, as usual, a sharp beak that received a strange LED optics, where a round headlight is hidden in a niche, and three narrow LED strips are brought to the fore. The hood cover is also cut by a wide air intake.

More original flaunts feed. Directly above the engine, the body cuts through a strip of dampers, which additionally remove heat from the power unit, when overheating. Plus, they perfectly emphasize the seriousness of the technical filling.

Further, the whole feed is divided into four parts along a winding diagonal. Two of them registered LED rear dimensions, the presentation of six convex lights, three on each side. The lower part impresses with two huge hexagonal tailpipes wrapped in aggressive bumper ribs.

Lamborghini Sian 2020.


As for the cabin, in Lamb everything was done so that the buyer felt like a pilot of a jet plane. There is no extensive multimedia with two entertaining screens or a multifunctional steering wheel to adjust the climate control. Driving a Lamborghini has no time to be distracted. A sensitive accelerator simply does not allow you to take your eyes off the road.

According to the color scheme, Italian designers do not disdain colorful colors. The exhibition showed a black and orange version with carbon inserts and white stitching on a dashboard and two sports seats.

Landing, as always, is a couple of centimeters from the ground, but the shape of the seats envelops the passenger and gives a sense of security. Due to the low clearance, the central tunnel is very high and most of the control buttons are located on it, and not on the dashboard.

The on-board computer screen is sewn next to the handle of the «robot». Tidy is also presented in a virtual version.

Lamborghini Sian 2020.

Price and sales start date

It’s worth mentioning right away that the company’s plans do not include mass production of this hypercar. It is planned to collect a total of 63 cars, with which they are all pre-sold out.

We definitely won’t see Sian on Russian roads, because the price of 160 million rubles is too much, even for our oligarchs.

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