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Land Rover Defender 90 from Startech.

Land Rover Defender 90 from Startech.

Land Rover Defender 90 from Startech.

Land Rover Defender 90 from Startech: sporty design and huge wheels.

Atelier Startech presented its new project — a seriously modified Land Rover Defender 90. Outside, an SUV staying in a German workshop can be recognized by its two-tone body paint: the lower part of the car is white, while the roof pillars and the roof itself are black.

The tuners also dropped the standard stern reserve, which allowed for a cleaner look.

At the same time, they decorated the vacant seat in the back with a black and white image of the British flag with the inscription «Startech». However, if the client wishes, the latter can be painted.

At the suggestion of Startech specialists, the compact Defender was installed on huge 23-inch wheels with a cap imitating central locking.

These light-alloy wheels are called «Monostar E». They are painted black and have a ten-spoke design. The tires used here are Yokohama 305/35 tires.

In addition, the British SUV got a neat body kit, and in its cabin there were aluminum pedals and a platform for resting the driver’s leg.

Plus, the model has acquired branded floor mats, while tuners are ready to further personalize its interior for a surcharge.

Land Rover Defender 90 from Startech.

As for the technology, Startech reconfigured the air suspension of the model taking into account such large wheels.

So, when driving on public roads, the clearance of the car was underestimated by 35 millimeters.

However, in off-road mode, the ground clearance remained the same as on the factory version of the car, which means that the cross-country ability has not changed. The cost of these improvements has not been specified.

Land Rover Defender 90 from Startech.

The modified Land Rover received a Union Jack instead of a spare wheel and 23-inch wheels.

Brabus atelier specializes in Mercedes, but the subsidiary company Startech is ready to tackle other brands of cars with the same zeal.

This time a new generation of short-wheelbase Land Rover Defender 90 got to the tuners. And now the British SUV is unrecognizable.

First of all, the Startech craftsmen removed the spare tire from the rear door, which, according to the authors of the project, violated the harmonious image of the car.

Land Rover Defender 90 from Startech.

Instead, the designers painted a huge Union Jack on the panel. By default, the graphics are monochrome, but at the request of the client, the flag of the United Kingdom is ready to be painted.

The second characteristic element of style is massive 23-inch wheels with black Monostar E rims and Yokohama tires in size 305/35.

Pay attention to the decorative hub caps — they were made in the form of a single nut, like on racing ring cars.

However, «Defender» also tried to add «asphalt» qualities. The Startech specialists conjured up the air suspension settings, reducing the base clearance by about 35 mm. At the same time, the off-road algorithms of the chassis and transmission were not touched — just in case.

Land Rover Defender 90 from Startech.

The roof and body pillars, made in similar dark colors, go well with the gloomy wheels. But the main panels were painted in a contrasting white color, complementing the fresh «bow» with a branded body kit with overlays for headlights, bumpers and so on.

The salon is also playing with shades. Startech is ready to decorate the interior with blue, black, gold or red anodized bolts (85 pieces!),

Tint the aluminum door card trims, and wrap the seats and dashboard in any combination of leather and Alcantara.

As you can see, in a serious way, the tuners did not interfere with the stuffing of the «Defender», focusing on the decor.

But there is a good reason for that. The fact is that the SUV in the photographs is not a «monolithic» project, but a collective image.

Each item in the set listed can be ordered separately. For example, the flag on the back door will cost 360 euros without taxes (32 thousand rubles at the exchange rate), and the air suspension lowering module will cost 990 euros (almost 87 thousand rubles).

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