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Land Rover Discovery 2016


Land Rover Discovery 2016

New Discovery promises to be one of the most unusual creations Land Rover. Throughout 2014 the company did not disclose any details about the new SUV, limited random scraps of information and lavish promises. Now the veil of secrecy ajar, but to fully appreciate the new model will be available only at the beginning of 2016.

However, in a series of «Discovery» still does not go soon — not before 2018-2019 years. Discovery was created as a kind of intermediary between the brutal and comfortable crossover SUV. Describe the car in the spirit of «neither fish nor fowl» at the same time in any case impossible — all the features of a full-fledged SUV remained in the new model.

However, these features were significantly more relaxed and more optimized. The chassis of the new car is designed on the basis of Evoque, lotions and many curious concept borrowed from the Land Rover Discovery Vision. Among them — «a transparent hood» and the updated system Terrain Responce. Toppings to put it mildly, is also impressive.


The appearance of new items

Car design is very similar to the Range Rover Evoque, which has long and successfully sold on the European market. The «Discovery» many similar features: the back of the line, the shape of the LED fog lamps, double grill on the radiator. But the front fender nothing to do with Evoque has not and can boast of a good body kit: protective plates and laminated side windows with built-in speaker protection.

Xenon headlights with LED accents, too, belong to the «new ideas.» Discovery of a new body is made of aluminum — it is significantly lighter than the precursor body, but it improved stiffness. Reducing the mass of cars on the agility and dynamic performance positively affects only how — until, alas, is not known. In any case, for an SUV of this class is the perfect solution.


What’s under the hood?

On the new Land Rover Discovery installed a two-liter turbocharged «four» 240 hp Transmission — automatic nine-storeyed plus standard all-wheel drive. There is a second version: a six-cylinder engine with an eight-gun. According to the developers, such a combination would create the optimum gear. It works it all diesel and aggregates themselves borrowed from the new family of engines Ingenium.

What is beauty?


Here, everything is really serious. In the cabin we installed the third row of seats (in total — 7 seats), the display with a diagonal of 8 inches, multi-functional and modern gadgets stuffed with the steering wheel. They have worked well and over the audio system — the sound comes out of ten speakers. For climate control (both on board and outside) correspond to analog sensors.

Designers, too, proved to be well done: from the interior of leather decorated with stylish metallic accents. The color range is diverse, but it is dominated by calm matte shades. Beautiful, comfortable, solid and flawlessly.


New Land Rover Discovery- project is impressive and promising. It is hoped that the developers have implemented all their plans successfully. Prerequisites for this is: the mass of developments, and always creative in the subject — even when we are talking about a fairly conservative SUVs.

New Discovery is an original fusion of Defender’a and Range Rover / Evoque, enriched with its own unique features. If it is solid Defender- ultimate hardcore and Evoque- glamorous style, «Discovery» appears to us as a stern but refined gentleman. Well, it is in the spirit of Land Rover!

Video preview and test drive Land Rover


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