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Land Rover Discovery 2025.

Land Rover Discovery 2025.

Land Rover Discovery 2025.

The new generation of Land Rover Discovery will become a real family car: this statement was made by the director of the brand.

Now Land Rover offers versions with three rows of seats for Range Rover and Defender.

Therefore, some fans of the brand wonder if the Discovery model will continue to be produced?

The British company’s CEO said the Land Rover Discovery 2025 will be, but it will be completely redesigned to distinguish it from the two aforementioned vehicles.

The new generation model will be sold in a higher market, although it is strange, because before that role was assigned to the Range Rover.

Discovery will be based on the MLA platform. It will give the opportunity to develop a version with an internal combustion engine, as well as hybrid and fully electric versions of the car.

By the way, the appearance of the latter has already been officially confirmed at the end of this decade.

Now nothing is known about the Sport version, because so far the brand does not see any sense in the development of a more productive variant.

Land Rover Discovery 2025.

However, the Land Rover report indicated that Discovery will get a new derivative with a larger wheelbase, which will be very similar to the Range Rover.

The all-new generation model is not expected to debut until 2025, with commercial life starting another year later.

The Road River will no longer be produced because the British company has abandoned the project.

Therefore, this station wagon will permanently disappear from the markets in the near future.

The new Land Rover Discovery will be after all: a big SUV for big and rich families.

Land Rover Discovery 2025.

Modern Land Rover Discovery does not sell well against the background of a much more successful and close in consumer qualities Defender, but the company JLR (Jaguar Land Rover) is still not ready to give up the name Discovery in the archive and wants to literally reinvent this once legendary SUV.

Now Discovery is the least popular Land Rover model on the market, its global sales in the first quarter of this year were 5296 units, which is 46.6% less than in January-June of 2021.

Land Rover Discovery 2025.

Defender, on the contrary, made it to the leaders: 30 072 units (-12%) were sold, followed by Range Rover Evoque (26 719 pcs, -29.1%), Range Rover Sport (22 631 pcs, -38%), Discovery Sport (18 971 pcs, -39.7%), Range Rover Velar (12 479 pcs, -41.6%) and flagship Range Rover (11 911 pcs, -51.1%).

The overall decline in Land Rover sales is explained by the global shortage of microchips and the disruption of supply chains amid the ongoing geopolitical turmoil: the real demand for the new Range Rover, for example, now greatly exceeds supply.

As for Discovery, the head of JLR himself, Thierry Bolloré, in an interview with the British magazine Auto Express, admitted that the model has problems with positioning and that Discovery, in fact, will have to be reinvented.

It is important that a fundamental decision was made to save the big Discovery: sixth-generation SUV is expected in 2026.

Land Rover Discovery 2025.

There are no technical details yet, but it is likely that the new Discovery will share the MLA-Flex modular platform with the current Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, which means that it will have a version with an internal combustion engine, as well as an all-electric propulsion system.

Bolloré sees the new Discovery as a big luxury family car, much more refined and aristocratic than the Defender, which means prices will go up a lot.

The Range Rover also offers the third row of seats in the current generation, so the internal competition in the upper echelon is not excluded, but we suppose that Range Rover and Discovery will be separated with design (maybe Discovery will return the desired by many customers angularity) and more Discovery tilt towards practicality with expanded opportunities to transform the cabin and readiness for adventures.

What of this will turn out, we’ll know in four years. The main markets for the new Discovery should be the U.S., China and the Middle East.

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