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Land Rover Discovery Sport 2022.

Land Rover Discovery Sport 2022.

Land Rover Discovery Sport 2022.

Land Rover Discovery Sport 2022. Land Rover brand is particularly appreciated by a particular group of car enthusiasts. Cars of this brand have a certain charm and stand out against the background of all classmates.

Among the model range of the brand stands out one of the most stylish and spectacular crossovers — Land Rover Discovery Sport 2022. It is sold in Russia, as well as in some other countries.

In the domestic market, the first-generation restyled parketnik is available in several configurations at a price of 2,930,000 to 4,144,000 rubles for the Standard and R-Dynamic HSE versions, respectively.

The model can be called a direct competitor for the BMW X3, Volvo XC60, Mercedes-Benz GLC and Range Rover Evoque.

Technical Specifications

What Land Rover models are really prized for is their impressive specs, and the Land Rover Discovery Sport 2022 can’t be called an exception.

In terms of packages and prices it is not the best option for purchase among the classmates, but in terms of its parameters SUV surpasses most competitors.

It should also be noted that the model, presented in the new body, has a spectacular appearance, which you can evaluate by photo in the article.

Land Rover Discovery Sport 2022.

Currently, compatriots can buy such a parketnik in dealer centers in two main modifications:

With a 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine, generating up to 200 hp and 320 N*m of torque;

2.0-liter supercharged gasoline engine generating 249 «horses» and 365 N*m of torque.

All cars for the Russian market are equipped with a 9-speed «automatic», as well as a system of a full drive 4WD.

English Parkett features good dynamics and moderate fuel consumption. Up to the first «hundred» from a place cross accelerates in 7,8 — 9,2 seconds.

The top speed is limited to 206 — 224 km/h. On average, for every 100 kilometers this car will consume 8.1 liters of fuel in the mixed cycle (gasoline AI-95).

It is worth noting that all indicators are achieved only under optimal conditions and in everyday life, not every driver will be able to repeat them, as much depends on driving style.

Land Rover Discovery Sport 2022.

Seven-seat parketnik corresponds to the dimensions of a standard medium-sized crossover.

In length the model reaches 4 597 mm, in width — 2 069 mm, in height — 1 727 mm. Wheelbase of the car — 2 741 mm. Ground clearance is 212 mm. The model has a spacious interior and a roomy trunk of 157 liters (1,036 when the third row seats are folded).

Curb weight of the vehicle is 1 947 — 1 985 kg (depending on the selected modification). The fuel tank is designed for 65 liters of fuel, which provides a good range without refueling.

According to the level of harmful emissions into the atmosphere the cross-car meets Euro-5 environmental standard.

Land Rover Discovery Sport 2022.

Options and Prices

On the territory of Russia now on sale you can find Standard, S, SE, R-Dynamic S, R-Dynamic SE, HSE and R-Dynamic HSE. The prices range from 2,930,000 to 4,144,000 rubles for models with standard equipment.

If necessary, the car can always be equipped with extras. Between variations the difference in equipment is not so significant, so you should pay attention to the most affordable and the most expensive version of the crossover Land Rover Discovery Sport 2022.


What really impresses the British crossover is its elegant and sophisticated appearance.

Land Rover Discovery Sport 2022.

The parkette looks stylish and ultra-modern, but also features some retro notes, referring to the tried-and-true base of the Land Rover brand.

Most of all the attention is attracted by the front side of the car, which has a non-standard silhouette in comparison with other cars of this class.

As for the interior, we can safely say that we are talking about modern luxury. The quality of finishing is at a high level. The car can please its owner with practicality and convenience of instrument layout.

Also worth highlighting is the ergonomics, which is executed in its own style, peculiar only to Land Rover models.

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