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Leading Ideal L9 2022.

Leading Ideal L9 2022.

Leading Ideal L9 2022.

Leading Ideal L9 large crossover: autopilot and 1,200 km range.

The Chinese company Leading Ideal, founded by media tycoon Xian Li, has so far produced only one model, the five-meter crossover Leading Ideal One with a hybrid powertrain and a price starting at $53,000.

But the stake on this segment turned out to be correct: 33 thousand cars were sold in 2020, and in 2021 — more than 90 thousand pieces!

Therefore, the second model of the company will be not a mass sedan, but even more expensive and large crossover Leading Ideal L9.

It is created on the basis of the model One and shares with it not only a platform, but also power structure of a body and basic device of the power unit.

Leading Ideal L9 2022.

But there are a lot of differences. Leading Ideal L9 has an increased by 165 mm wheelbase (up to 3100 mm) and the original design with a single full-width running light.

Almost all body panels were changed, so not only the length (up to 5200 mm), but also width (1998 mm) and height (1800 mm) of the car has grown. The standard wheels are 21 inches in diameter.

Leading Ideal L9 2022.

Above the windshield there is a hump, in which a lidar with 128 laser beams is installed.

This is a major addition to the autopilot, which already had twelve ultrasonic sensors, five millimeter radars and twelve cameras (each with a resolution of eight megapixels).

Initially, the system will meet the same second level of autonomy as the One model, but with the possibility of upgrading to a fourth level: for now it is a software issue.

Leading Ideal L9 2022.

The interior is completely new, and there are some unusual solutions.

There is no usual dash screen, and the main data (speed, mileage, energy consumption) are displayed on a small display, which is installed at the top of the steering wheel hub.

These parameters are also duplicated on the large projection screen.

To the right of the driver there are two 15.7-inch touchscreens: the central one is responsible for climate control, navigation and other settings, and the passenger screen is solely for the media system.

The Dirac audio system has 21 speakers, four of which are built into the backrests of the first and second rows. The total power is 2,160 watts.

Leading Ideal L9 2022.

The interior has three rows of seats, and all six seats are upholstered in nappa leather, electric drive and heated.

The front seats also have ventilation and a massager, and the second row seats have retractable footrests.

The rear passengers can enjoy folding tables, a refrigerator in the central tunnel and a 15.7-inch monitor on the ceiling.

Information about the equipment is still declassified. Like the One model, the Leading Ideal L9 has a sequential hybrid setup, but instead of a 1.2 gasoline turbo, there’s a 1.5 four-cylinder engine under the hood that runs on the economical Miller cycle and recharges the traction battery.

The wheels are driven by electric motors. A full battery charge should be enough for 200 km of travel, and the maximum range without refueling is 1200 km against 1080 km of the latest version of the crossover One.

Other specifications will be published during the premiere at the upcoming motor show in Beijing.

The price will be announced at the same time. According to preliminary data, the model L9 will cost 70-75 thousand dollars in China.

But it is still much less than they ask here for Mercedes GLS or Range Rover, which the company Leading Ideal considers the main competitors.

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