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Lexus GX 460 2021.

Lexus GX 460 2021.

Lexus GX 460 2021.

Lexus GX, like its relative Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150, on the basis of which it is built, has been produced in its current generation since 2009.

By today’s standards, this is quite a long time, so SUVs have already gone through two restyling in 11 years. True, the updates only affected the exterior, but not the technology.

Today we at CarsWeek are looking for differences between the updated Lexus GX 460 and its predecessor and reflect on its relevance.


In the angular body, you can easily guess the good old GX, which received several ultra-fashionable wardrobe items from fresh Lexus.

This, for example, is a larger radiator grille with a thick chrome surround, which instead of chrome strips has three-dimensional cells, and, of course, the headlights.

The head optics are even more striking — LED headlights with three spotlights typical for Lexus and L-shaped running lights.

It is a pity that there was no place for the direction indicators — they are located in the bumper, along with small fog lights. Looks fresh. And aggressively.

Lexus GX 460 2021.


There are much fewer changes inside — at least at first glance. There is a good steering wheel from the LX, almost the same dashboard, many large buttons and knobs, a small touchscreen.

There is no black glossy plastic, but silver is in abundance. The interior color scheme is updated with dark red leather and laser-engraved ebony inserts.

Passengers in the second row now have two USB connectors — now there are four of them in total. The GX 460 is quite spacious — hardly anyone will complain about the cramped or insufficient adjustment range.

The front seats are wide and soft, except that the pillow is expected to be short. There is plenty of space on the second row, but a pair of third-row seats are cramped — just barely enough space for the legs.

But some kind of trunk remains with him. By folding the third row at the touch of a button, you can get 621 liters of volume.

Mark Levinson’s «music» plays well, but the graphics of the multimedia system are hopelessly outdated.

With the restyling, the Lexus Safety System has been updated, which can automatically brake in front of an obstacle, recognize road signs, follow the markings, and so on.

Lexus GX 460 2021.

Materials (edit)

The Lexus GX 460 is built on the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado platform: it has a steel spar frame, double wishbone front suspension, and a continuous axle at the rear.

The body is attached to the frame through eight rubber-metal supports, and steel bars have been added to the front and rear to mitigate the effects of collisions with low cars.

The body, by the way, has become stiffer thanks to the multi-layer construction of the amplifiers. Anti-roll bars with hydraulic KDSS system can be “unfolded” off-road for better axle articulation.

The proprietary Multi-terrain Select system offers a choice of five off-road driving modes: “large stones”, “stones and mud”, “mogul”, “crushed stone”, “mud and sand”.

They allow for varying degrees of wheel slip and, accordingly, the electronics interfere with the control. Four-wheel drive — permanent, with a reduction gear.

The engine of the GX 460 is a naturally aspirated 4.6-liter V8 model 1UR-FE with an aluminum block, direct injection, variable intake tract, chain-driven camshafts and variable valve timing. Transmission — 6-speed «automatic».

Lexus GX 460 2021.


The 4.6-liter naturally aspirated engine develops only 296 horsepower and does not accelerate the heavy SUV very quickly.

According to the Lexus passport, it accelerates to 100 km / h in 8.3 seconds, but acceleration on the move feels very lazy — the car does everything slowly, with dignity, and monumental.

And the sound of the V8 also does not excite — even with a pedal in the floor, it only hums muffled somewhere in the bowels of the engine compartment.

The automatic transmission has only six steps, but by nature it gets along pretty well with the gasoline «eight».

Switching «automatic» — super smooth, imperceptible, emphatically unhurried. No fuss or fuss: the GX 460 is designed for a solid ride.

And in this he is good! The combination of a front spring suspension with a rear pneumatic suspension allows you to maintain a constant position of the body over the road, regardless of the load of the cabin and trunk, but is useless in terms of adjusting the ride height.

The lowest point is the rear axle housing and the air suspension has no power to influence this.

But you can play with the smoothness of the ride — adaptive shock absorbers have two modes: Comfort and Sport.

I tried to grasp the difference between them for so long that I seriously began to think that the modes should be called rather «Comfort» and «Comfort +». In any of them «Lexus» lays down so smoothly that it doesn’t smell of any kind of sports.

Is that in Sport mode, a little less dive during acceleration and braking. Irregularities of any caliber are swallowed completely resignedly — well, except that the body no, no, and it sways. Especially on difficult terrain.

Lexus GX 460 2021.

At the same time, the suspension works quietly and does not allow even vibrations or itching to the steering wheel from the chipped coating to be transmitted to the passenger compartment.

Straight line stability is good, but on long wave the GX 460 starts to wobble. This problem can be solved by increasing the speed of movement — despite the soft suspension, Lexus rushes at high speed like a locomotive.

In a straight line. Because turns are absolutely not his element. In bends, it rolls quite a lot, and high-profile tires begin to break and generally give up quite early.

The long handlebars with almost no feedback are also not particularly conducive to high-speed cornering. If you ignore the rolls, the SUV simply sweeps out of the corner, while the stabilization system convulsively brakes the wheels to return the car to the trajectory.

Auxiliary electronics works great off-road — thoughtful settings really take out in every sense. Fuel consumption is expectedly high: in the combined cycle, it is difficult to fall below 17-18 liters.


The Lexus GX 460 is one of the few V8-powered SUVs on the market. What’s next? There is every reason to believe that the next Prado will lose both the frame and the continuous bridge, and the GX, in addition, will replace the atmospheric «eight» with some kind of downsized turbo six.

As they say, seize the moment. I love how Lexus has updated the current generation of the car with a few nice touches — the SUV looks younger on the outside, but remains as archaic on the inside.

I’m not talking about adding a scattering of touchscreens to the interior, but the current decoration is already hopelessly outdated.

Prices for the GX 460 in the Executive 5 configuration start at 5,126,000 rubles, the Executive 5 Sport is slightly more expensive — 5,284,000 rubles.

Next comes the Premium for 5,479,000 rubles and the top version of the Premium Sport costing 5,711,000 rubles.

The sums are rather big, but the car for this money is quite a lot: a frame, an axle, a V8 and seven seats. In addition — reliability, which is generally difficult to overestimate.

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