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Lexus LC 500 2020.

Lexus LC 500 2020

Lexus LC 500 2020.

Lexus LC 500 2020: price and characteristics of a coupe in a new body.
Toyota’s subsidiary does not lag behind the parent brand and often pleases the automotive community with exclusive developments.

At the moment, the top of engineering Lexus is considered to be the LC 500 sports coupe (if the version is without a roof).
Today we will talk about restyling this model, which judging by the official schedule of the brand will be presented this summer, although all design adjustments are known now.

Lexus LC 500 2020

Model Specifications

Apparently, the restyling of the Lexus LC 500 mainly affects the suspension and interior. The engine range, platform and set of systems remains the same. And with these “guys” you should familiarize yourself in more detail, since the technical equipment here is no worse than that of Porsche.

Immediately touch on the suspension. The pre-reform model was created with the aim of conquering winding mountain slopes and drift. That is why there are 650 (no, this is not a typo) suspension settings for the road depending on the road conditions.

The design itself provides for two adaptive shock absorbers at the front with two separate levers with several hinges, at the back there is a multi-link.

Restyling involves softening (increasing travel) of the front suspension and increasing the stiffness of the rear shock. Plus this time, other steel springs were used, which reduced the weight of the structure by 10 kg.

That’s actually all the changes in technology. Now for the main nodes. As a «heart» in the LC 500 provides an atmospheric V8 of 5 liters with titanium valves and forged connecting rods.

Lexus LC 500 2020

Power is 477 hp at 540 Hm. The first hundred sports car is gaining at 4.7 seconds, and the maximum possible speed is 270 km / h.

It is also worth mentioning that Lexus is now offering another version of the coupe (LC 500h) which is a hybrid equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 engine with support for two electric trains.

Such a pair produces 354 hp. and is equipped with 4AKPP. Whether this option will be in the new year or not is unknown.
The most remarkable detail of the Japanese coupe can be called the gearbox. This is the first passenger car equipped with a 10-band automatic machine running a proprietary intellectual system that takes into account more than a hundred traffic factors and driving style based on an analysis of previous trips.

Drive to the rear axle.

In addition, there are steering column switches that help you select and hold the desired gear. Immediately it is worth mentioning several modes of operation of the power unit.
In conclusion, it is worth mentioning the optional equipment Lexus LC 500.

Lexus LC 500 2020

Appearance Overview

Body work during the restyling was not carried out, so the appearance of the 2019 generation will be completely relevant this year.
It is evident that when creating the flagship Lexus tried to give the sports car a bright and catchy design, which they really did.

However, in comparison with German and English competitors or the fellow countryman GT-R, the car is lost. No, it’s not bad, but against the background of the same Porsche, with which the LC 500 in the same price category, the Japanese version does not look competitive.

Nevertheless, one cannot but praise the rather interesting performance of the grille, the well-thought-out slope of the hood (test drives note an excellent overview), the silhouette that is not trivial for the coupe, the original optics at the rear, the perfectly designed exhaust nozzles, the optimal combination of smooth lines and sharp edges.

Lexus LC 500 2020

What will be the salon

There are no changes in terms of relocation of some elements, dashboard architecture or seats.
Lexus just revised the color scheme, getting rid of white and red design, offering an additional shade of Flare Red («flash red»).

Otherwise, the salon will appreciate the excellent intellectual ergonomics, a driver-oriented torpedo, an original tidy design, the presence of an analogue clock, milled pedals, contoured sports seats and full leather upholstery.
By the way, the chairs and door cards themselves are finished with Alcantara.

How much will the new Lexus LC cost

As already mentioned, the latest version can be seen in the summer. Although what to look there, in addition to the new interior colors is unclear.
The launch of sales is planned for the end of 2020 — the beginning of 2021. The price tag has not yet been announced, but is likely to remain at the same level — 8.58 million rubles (from Russian dealers).

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