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Lexus LX in 2016

Lexus LX in 2016.

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In August, the famous avtokonkurse California «Pebble Beach» Corporation «Toyota», which owns the rights to the brand «Lexus», officially unveiled the 2016 Lexus LX 570. This information is leaking from the car fotopiratov before, but now the experts have an opportunity to consider all detail.



Visual differences.

Externally, the restyled crossover has undergone a number of changes. Designers was used adaptive suspension. The front end now carries a large chrome-trimmed, visually more massive grille, which its creators call «spindle.»

There was also increased front bumper. The car has new versions of headlamps and fog lamps. Improved form of chicanery and contour of the side windows from the rear seat. In addition, the rear lights feature chrome inserts.



Shop Lexus LX 570 also remained unchanged. The steering wheel spokes and lost one was three-spoke. Dramatically changed the appearance of the front panel — it is now allocated 12.3-inch multimedia touch screen, because of which moved below the venting system «Climate Concierge.» Lower than previously housed and analog clock. Inside, there is also a new form of seating and LED lighting.



Improved technical equipment and crossover. Already standard equipment involves monitoring the pressure in the tires, parking sensors and presence control system visually inaccessible areas. It provided a smart system of protection against frontal collision, which uses information from multiple sensors. Number of airbags can reach ten.

Engine left unchanged — 5.7 liters. But now, eight petrol powertrain has 383 horsepower (it was 367). The torque was about 546 Nm. In addition, Lexus LX 570 has a permanent four-wheel drive that provides terrain vehicles.

The previous version of the crossover was equipped with six-speed «automatic», which is replaced by a new version of an eight. Lexus LX 570 is suggests the possibility of using not only the 20-inch wheels, and 21-inch. Information on the cost of the car and the exact date of his arrival is not yet available for sale.

Video preview and test drive Lexus LX 570


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