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Lexus NX 2024.

Lexus NX 2024.

Lexus NX 2024.

The updated crossover Lexus NX 2024 is officially presented.

The Lexus NX is getting ready to go on sale with some updates.

The 2024 Lexus NX presented recently will be available for purchase in the near future.

This is the North American version. The crossover received minor updates both in appearance and equipment.

Some adjustments have been made to the technical characteristics of the car.

For the US, the model is announced with four power plants. In many ways, this affects the final cost.

Visually, the Lexus NX retained its former design. The interior also features some interesting innovations.

In particular, there are changes in the finish, namely the color scheme.

New shades are available for the crossover. The doors are quite interestingly decorated in some versions, where colored decor is used.

Lexus NX 2024.

For the Lexus NX 350, the F Sport Luxury package is available, which is expressed in the appearance of a number of additional options that are not in the standard version.

So, the car gets a panoramic roof with a built-in sunroof.

There are also price changes. Lexus NX 250 now costs 3.072 million rubles, which is 34,500 rubles more than the previous price.

It uses a 2.5-liter engine with a return of 203 horsepower.

Lexus NX 2024.

It works with an eight-speed automatic transmission and a front- or all-wheel drive system.

In addition, the «Start / Stop» key is available for the crossover.

Lexus NX 350 received a price tag of 3.359 million rubles.

The technical part is represented by a 2.4-liter unit for 275 “horses”, an eight-speed “automatic” and all-wheel drive.

Lexus NX 2024.

The «older» modification of the Lexus NX 350h is equipped with a hybrid installation based on a 2.5-liter engine.

Two electric motor-generators work together with it, which provides a total power of 240 horsepower.

Lexus NX 2024.

There is a crossover in this performance of 3.347 million rubles.

Lexus Hybrid Drive technology is available for this model.

The Lexus NX 450h+ variant can be purchased for 4.482 million rubles. The performance of the power plant is brought here to 302 hp.

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