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Lexus NX 300 AWD 2021.

Lexus NX 300 AWD 2021.

Lexus NX 300 AWD 2021.

Small but bright and catchy, the Lexus NX debuted in 2014 and underwent an update three years later.

During restyling, the crossover retained the same power units (there are still no diesels among them), barely noticeably changed in appearance, but changed more significantly in details.

Today, together with CarsWeek, we will take a closer look at it using the example of the fastest version — the NX 300 with all-wheel drive and a turbo engine. Earlier, by the way, it was called the NX 200t.

What does he look like

The exterior of the Lexus NX is by no means outdated. At the time of its debut, the crossover looked ultra-modern and still looks more than relevant.

A rare, I must say, case — usually all fashionable novelties like it quickly become outdated. In an amicable way, there was nothing special to change — the bold and successful look was only slightly tweaked with a few neat strokes.

For example, the grille and head optics have slightly changed, and the front bumper bared with enlarged air intakes.

The lights are slightly stretched out behind and, it seems, that’s all. If you look closely at the headlights, you can see how interestingly the traditional Lexus three LED spotlights are grouped — not in a line, but in a triangle.

What’s inside him

Perhaps the most noticeable new thing in the cabin is the larger 10.3-inch screen of the multimedia system.

No, it is still not touch-sensitive, but the image quality is quite good for itself — the picture is bright and clear.

Lexus NX 300 AWD 2021.

Another thing is that it is difficult to notice this, because the graphics in any case leaves much to be desired, and for a long time.

We can’t wait for Lexus to finally update the multimedia interface and get rid of this weak link. Well, in pursuit, it would be nice to update the cameras of the all-round view system.

Navigation is also primitive, but there is an excellent head-up display in front of the driver’s eyes, where, in principle, all the necessary information can be displayed.

I like the Remote Touch, which is traditionally scolded by everyone, first of all, because it is flat and does not get in the way.

Yes, it is inconvenient to manage it on the go, but why do it? Everything that may be needed can be done using the buttons on the steering wheel — by the way, very convenient and cute.

It is a pity that it heats up only in places of grip. The interior is outdated by architecture — there is a whole jumble of control panels.

Above — the keys of the air conditioner, one floor below — the buttons of the audio system. To the left of the steering wheel, in the blind zone — another set of buttons, to the right of the steering wheel — another.

Moreover, the logic of the location and grouping of keys by zones is difficult to understand. In general, it turns out to be some kind of chaos, but Lexus is still good in details.

All buttons, keys and handles are made carefully and accurately — the metal flags for adjusting the temperature and blowing speed turned out to be especially cool.

Lexus NX 300 AWD 2021.

To some, however, they may seem too tiny. Materials are good without reservations — good leather, soft plastic. Soft seats are comfortable, only the pillow is traditionally short.

The adjustment ranges are quite sufficient — only the steering wheel would like to push forward a little more. In the second row, there is not that much space, but rather just enough.

But the backrest can be adjusted in tilt angle, and in a wide range. The trunk is large — 500 liters. The dashboard with a couple of large scales and a color screen between them is perfectly readable, although the on-board computer menu looks archaic.

What is it made of

Lexus NX is built on the same platform as the Toyota RAV4 — now of the last generation.

But the Lexus body is stiffer and lighter, it has a higher proportion of aluminum parts and high-strength grades of steel, the location of the welding points has been optimized, the number of laser welding points has been increased, and a special method of gluing the body panels has been applied.

Additional transverse reinforcements have appeared in the front and rear. The suspension scheme is generally the same as that of Toyota — MacPherson struts at the front and a multi-link at the rear, but the geometry has been revised, and all elements of the chassis have been reconfigured.

The NX has been restyled as an option with Adaptive Variable Suspension dampers from the LC 500 coupe.

The motors with the update remained the same. The NX 300 has a 238 horsepower 8AR-FTS gasoline 2.0-liter turbo four, previously known from the NX 200t modification.

By the way, it was once the first turbocharged engine in the history of the Lexus brand. It has direct fuel injection, a two-flow turbocharger and a Dual VVT-iW variable valve timing mechanism, which allows it to cycle not only Otto, but also Atkinson.

This engine is aggregated only with a six-speed automatic transmission of our own design. Finally, during the update, the crossover received a set of Lexus Safety System + safety systems already in the basic equipment.

Lexus NX 300 AWD 2021.

How he drives

The NX was once the first petrol turbo car in Lexus history. And this very 238-horsepower unit is still quite relevant today — it spins merrily, pulls well from the very bottom.

The motor is quite momentary throughout the entire rpm range, it has extremely smooth traction without noticeable failures — except that when you press the pedal, there is a barely noticeable pause.

But this is treated by switching to a sports mode — the reactions are subjectively exacerbated, although in reality, of course, the dynamics remain exactly the same. And quite good, by the way — 7.1 seconds to 100 km / h according to the passport.

Smart, and inside the speed is not felt at all — quiet, comfortable.
The classic hydromechanical six-speed «automatic» also gets along well with the engine. On the simpler and slower NX 200, for example, a variator is installed.

In the city, the automatic transmission switches quickly and imperceptibly, at highway speeds there are sometimes noticeable hitch when switching down, when you need to accelerate sharply to overtake or to have time to complete a maneuver.

The lack of heated windshield and washer nozzles made me nervous. The anti-freeze regularly splashed on the headlights, but for some reason refused to pour on the glass.

I must say that it is much more comfortable on the NX 300 not to rush headlong, but to drive dynamically, but more or less measuredly.

The soft, rather elastic suspension filters out irregularities well, commendably fulfills small things and medium-format bumps.

Compensating joints of overpasses and pits with sharp edges are smoothed out by poking into the chair, but without a rumble in the suspension.

The steering wheel is light, with adequate feedback, but it sets you up for a leisurely taxiing — in fast turns sometimes there is not enough feedback, you go literally by touch.

Fuel consumption is not bad — 11-12 liters came out in the combined cycle. I didn’t want to meddle on the road with long overhangs and a ground clearance of only 190 millimeters, but I had to.

Rather, the snow-Mageddon, which paralyzed the capital in February, left Lexus no chance. At first I drove and was happy about the surprisingly good cross-country ability — NX obediently crawled in the snow, sometimes skidding a little, but always got out on its own.

Until one day I had to back out on a road with a deep enough track in the snow. The snow was loose and the crossover eventually sat on its belly.

Helplessly skidding, he dug holes under the wheels and calmed down. Locking the clutch did not help, of course.

A good cable and a passing SUV of a related brand helped out, which neatly pulled the NX 300 onto the road like a child’s sled. In general, the weather was treacherous.

Lexus NX 300 AWD 2021.


Undoubtedly, the main advantage of the Lexus NX I will name the appearance — bright, recognizable, as if drawn with dashing strokes of a pencil in a square.

The body, woven from sharp corners, is still relevant, fresh and looks expensive.

By the way, not only looks. In the case of the «three hundred» version, the crossover starts with the Progressive version for 3,413,000 rubles, a little more expensive — Exclusive 2 for 3,482,000 rubles, one step higher — the daring F Sport for 3,950,000 rubles, Luxury for 4,036,000 rubles and, finally, the top-end version of Exclusive 2 Safety, like the test car, for 4,123,500 rubles.

According to a study to determine the residual value among cars over five years old in the premium segment in the Russian market in 2020, Lexus NX is the leader in its class.

During this period, according to analysts, it retains 79.5% of its original value — more than other Lexus vehicles.

I don’t know how exactly a good appearance affects this factor, but in any case, it’s nice when your car is not in a hurry to depreciate with age.

It even turns out to be a kind of investment — with our ruble exchange rate, it will most likely be sold at a higher price than it was bought.

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