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Lexus RX 2016.

Lexus RX 2016.

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As part of New York’s annual auto show debut of the fourth generation of the crossover Lexus RX. Among other car companies represented in the model range, Lexus RX is the most popular. According to statements by representatives of the company, the official start of sales in the world’s automotive markets will take place in late 2015, but the territory of the Russian new crossovers will get no earlier than 2016.



The visual differences from its predecessor.

Stylistic design a new generation of crossover has much in common with another model presented earlier in the production line. We are talking about the car Lexus NX — they are united by a massive grille, framed by a complex lighting equipment. You should also note the presence of LED lights that enhance visibility at night and in bad weather.

Navigation lights are integrated into the housing washers, other than a strict form. Parking lights are also LED stuffing. The hood is decorated with thematic crossover vyshtampovki, and side parts on high legs arranged housing for rear-view mirrors. Windshield Lexus RX 2016 slightly littered ago, and the roof of the vehicle has a specific shape of a dome.


The side surfaces of the body are decorated with powerful fins. The tailgate is compact and mobile. At maximum update the front end, the rear of the crossover has remained almost unchanged. Most are highlighted LED lights and bumper with sharp edges. Also attracted the attention of the presence of two exhaust pipes.

Overall dimensions of the vehicle were slightly increased. Crossover was 120 mm long and 10 mm higher and wider. The size of the wheelbase has also become longer by 50 mm. Now with a total length of 4890 mm width of the car is 1895 mm. Height crossover 2016 issue will be equal to 1690 mm, and the size of the wheelbase — 2790 mm. Clearance of the updated Lexus RX is kept at 180 mm.

Interior design.

The interior of the passenger compartment to perform with maximum ergonomics. The center console is executed in modern style — deserves special attention the large display, which displays all necessary information on the functioning of the various systems. Between the ventilation vents are located analog clock, which simultaneously serve as the main decorative element.

Just below are the control panel sound system and HVAC equipment. Interior of the new Lexus RX is decorated with taste — makers have not stinted on the composite materials of the highest quality. For this purpose, use a soft plastic, aluminum and leather.


The back row is able without difficulty to accommodate three adult passengers. Comfortable fit allows you to travel long distances without the uncomfortable sensations in the legs and back. Front seats are distinguished by the option of lateral support and a lot of additional settings.

In comparison with the third generation of the crossover, the new Lexus RX 2016 is equipped with a spacious luggage compartment. Provided folding rear seat row, the volume of the luggage compartment has a tendency to grow. Manage rear seat backs can be by pressing just one button.


The fourth generation of the car with an increased level of cross-built on a quality platform that smoothes out any unevenness of the road surface. In the back of the recalibrated suspension has a cross-lever design. The front MacPherson strut set. Optionally available adaptive chassis with the possibility of electronic damping control.


Thanks to this innovation the car can adjust to any road conditions. Additionally, this system suppresses body roll when entering the sharp turns. The brake system of the updated Lexus RX has ventilated disc design. The steering mechanism is additionally equipped with an electric amplifier.

The base powerplant for the crossover will be a six-cylinder 3.5-liter engine capable of producing 300 hp The engine is fitted with direct fuel injection. The motor is mounted eight-speed automatic. It is expected that manufacturers will be offered a hybrid version of the power plant, which will also be able to produce 300 hp

The new Lexus RX 2016 model year in the basic equipment has front-wheel drive versions. This rear axle is automatically connected, provided the front wheels slip.

Models & Prices.

Crossover Lexus RX fourth generation has a rich level of equipment. The potential buyer is offered a car with adaptive suspension, panoramic roof, LED lighting technology and a system of active cruise control. To this list should be added to the system of dynamic stabilization, option adjustable heated seats and a number of large screens for passengers. The level of pricing will also be announced closer to start of sales.

Test drive  Lexus RX 2016

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