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Lexus RX Outdoor 2023.

Lexus RX Outdoor 2023.

Lexus RX Outdoor 2023.

New Lexus RX is prepared an off-road version.

The Japanese company has presented several concepts at the Tokyo Motor Show and a special event Tokyo Outdoor Show 2023.

History of Lexus RX began in 1998: this model opened segment of premium SUV.

Over the years, the crossover managed to change several generations, and the new fifth generation was presented at the beginning of last summer.

The exterior remained virtually intact, but the new RX received a different interior and other equipment.

Now the crossover will have an «all-terrain» version, suitable for long trips outside the city.

The Japanese manufacturer within the limits of the motor show in Tokyo has presented a concept Lexus RX Outdoor.

A version RX 450h+ is a basis of such crossover; it is a rechargeable hybrid with a system of a full drive E-Four.

Total efficiency of the PHEV power plant with a 2,5-liter four-cylinder motor makes 306 h.p.

The system includes a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 18.1 kWh, purely on electric power such crossover is able to travel about 65 km.

Lexus RX Outdoor 2023.

In hybrid mode, this model takes about 7 seconds to accelerate from a place to a «hundred».

Length and width of a conceptual crossover Lexus RX Outdoor have remained unchanged — 4890 mm and 1920 mm accordingly.

In turn, the height of such SUV is 1720 mm, which is 20 mm more than the usual RX.

The total height with the installed roof is equal to 1930 mm (210 mm more), and the index with the used tent on the roof is 3310 mm (1590 mm higher).

Lexus RX Outdoor 2023.

This camping version received a black grille, aluminum insert at the bottom of the front bumper, black window frames and matching door handles.

In addition, this car received a new body color and off-road tires size of 18 inches.

The same design is prepared for SUV: the concept Lexus GX Outdoor, which will receive an electric winch.

It is based on the version of GX 460 offered in North America and the Middle East.

It is equipped with 4,6 liters V8 DOHC engine.

Lexus RX Outdoor 2023.

Its dimensions remained the same, height with folded awning is 2400 mm (520 mm more), width with a tent is equal to 3830 mm (+1950 mm).

Lexus company also presented other concepts at the Tokyo Motor Show and a special event Tokyo Outdoor Show 2023.

One of them was the show car RZ Sport, which was based on the compact electric crossover RZ, debuted last April (its closest relatives are Toyota bZ4X and Subaru Solterra).

The new concept has 35mm lowered suspension, additional aerodynamic elements, widened wheel arches, and new 21-inch wheels.

At the expense of «plumage» length increased by 78 mm (to 4883 mm), width — by 90 mm (to 1985 mm).

Lexus RX Outdoor 2023.

There are four separate bucket seats in the interior. Also the concept RZ Sport has both electric motors give out 204 hp (the regular version has a 109-horsepower electric motor on the rear axle), the total capacity — 408 hp.

The manufacturer also showed another concept of hydrogen buggy — the ROV 2. The show car for two passengers has adjustable suspension and seats with cushioning.

It was equipped with a 1.0-liter inline three-cylinder motor DOHC4, running on compressed hydrogen. This buggy has airless tires and four-point seat belts.

Also at the show was shown off-road truck LX 600 Offroad from Team Jaos. The team drove this car along the route of the race Baja 1000 (it is considered one of the most grueling off-road races in the world).

It is based on the American version of Lexus LX 600. Technique is standard — 415 hp 3,5-liter twin-turbo V6 engine coupled with a ten-graded automatic transmission.

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