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Lexus UX 2021.

Lexus UX 2021.

Lexus UX 2021.

Lexus UX 2021: premium crossover for every day.
In relation to its predecessor, the new version of the luxury compact crossover — Lexus UX 2021 — offers new innovative solutions in body design, design and equipment of the salon interior. The assets of a new generation of cars have more dynamic characteristics of power equipment.

The new five-door model meets the requirements of the financially secured driving contingent, which prefers premium cars.


Advertising photos of the 2021 Lexus UX series effectively showcases the harmonious combination of brand style with the latest layout and design solutions. The most vivid, dynamic and expressive crossover looks from the front. In the field of view:

•Raised sidewalls and a rounded front edge of the engine compartment cover;

• equipped with direction indicators and dynamic strokes DRL angular blocks of the front combined optics;

• X-shaped configuration and coarse mesh of large format radiator lining.

Lexus UX 2021.

The lower part of the front includes the engine compartment ventilation duct and compact air diffusers. The front body decoration is bright chrome plating of the corporate logo and a massive lower half-perimeter of the radiator mesh, as well as elements of stepped relief decorated in a sporty style.

In lateral projection, the new body forms a positive visual experience with a wedge-shaped contour with an elongated front end, ribbed sidewalls and a vertical stern line.

The focus is on the contrast of the silver frame and glossy black side glazing pillars, the angular shape of the mirrors and the rounded-square configuration of the wheel arches.

The belonging of the Lexus UX 2021 model to the off-road car segment is confirmed by the presence of protective plastic liners in the wheel arches and the diameter of reinforced aluminum composite discs increased to 18 inches.

The off-road status of the crossover does not fit the low body position with 160 mm ground clearance.

In the constructive and design of the rear side of the body, changes are nominal. In stock:

• a spoiler supplemented with side struts with integrated stop lights;

• combination of dynamic tilt of the rear glazing and the vertical line of the small-format tailgate;

• branded graphics supplemented by an LED jumper blocks of compact lanterns.

The lower aft segment is designed in a traditional crossover style. In view: a deep niche for a license plate located in the center of the massive bumper, a diagonal arrangement of fog lamps and a protective panel of a massive body kit.
Reviews and comments of eyewitnesses indicate that the restyling on the appearance of the premium crossover had a positive effect, the new product looks stylish, modern and presentable in all respects.

Lexus UX 2021.


The interior of the five-seater cabin impresses with decent quality and premium assortment of finishing materials, the composition and functionality of the equipment, and the ergonomics of the seats. The front panel includes:

• virtual imitation of an analogue instrument panel with pointer indication and multifunctional computer monitor;

• supplemented by a touch command touchpad, a media and information display of a torpedo;

• a pair of ventilation deflectors;

• remote control with mechanical analog switches responsible for activation and quick setting of accessories, «comfort» and functional options.

The interior ambience of the Lexus UX 2021 is complemented by a relief rim and command button blocks of the multifunctional steering wheel, an analog clock built into the dashboard, and a carefully thought-out combination of stepped and wave reliefs.

Lexus UX 2021.

The premium status of the off-road Lexus corresponds to the complete set of the tunnel, which includes:

• a block of ports for connecting external digital gadgets;

• joystick for shifting transmission;

• extended list of organizers and a voluminous refrigerating chamber.

The level of technical and electronic equipment of the cabin meets premium standards. The pilot seat service offers full lumbar support, ventilation and seat heating circuits, extended properties of adjustment components.

The sofa, welcoming and comfortable in all respects, provides three passengers with a comfortable fit and ample amounts of personal space. Despite its off-road status, the crossover is focused on the features of urban operation, so the luggage compartment is only 272 liters.


The external dimensions revised in nominal terms of 4495 x 1840 and 1520 mm indicate that the SUV belongs to the models of the subcompact segment.

Lexus UX 2021.

The basis for the new version of the crossover is the front-wheel drive version of the TNGA modular platform with a transverse engine arrangement, center distance of 2640 mm in combination with MacPhersonian and spring-link chassis suspension.

The chassis is equipped with passive vibration dampers, effective braking and stabilizing circuits, and electronic active safety systems.

The uncontested power tandem of the European modification of the crossover consists of an in-line petrol «four» Dynamic Force with parameters of 2 l / 171 hp / 205 Nm and a Direct Shift CVT variator transmission. The test drive confirmed the claimed set time for the first hundred in 9.2 seconds and 190 km / h maximum speed.

Options and prices

The new Lexus UX 2021 model year in the base version will be available at a cost of 2.3 million rubles. The price of two intermediate and one top-end versions is stated in the range of 2.5-2.9 million.

Sales start in Russia

In information sources, the release date in Russia of the premium crossover is not yet available.


In the status of real rivals, there are similar models of the leading car brands of the MINI Countryman, Audi Q2, Mercedes GLA, Volvo XC40, BMW X2 and Jaguar E-Pace class.

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