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Lexus UX 2022.

Lexus UX 2022.

Lexus UX 2022.

Lexus UX 2022: a comfortable crossover with premium performance potential.

The basis of the consistently high demand for Japanese Lexus brand all-terrain vehicles is the advantages of interior comfort, real off-road performance and high rates of operational reliability.

At the peak of the popularity of cars in crossover configuration, the company «Lexus» announces the start of production of modernized in many respects the compact SUV in the body of the SUV — Lexus UX 2022.


The new look of Lexus SUV harmoniously combined features of corporate style with exclusive technological, packaging and design solutions of leading brand specialists.

The new body has retained the parameters of the previous configuration, so you can distinguish the novelty from the earlier model only by modified decorative accents, design features of the headlights and information nameplates.

The new model Lexus UX of 2022 looks stylish, presentable and somewhat aggressive in the photo in the «front», frontal view. In the field of view:

Aerodynamic wave sidewalls of the downward-facing hood along the front edge;
bright chrome-plated logo and bottom decorative trim, as well as the original texture of the grid, protruding beyond the format of the X-shaped radiator grille;
expressive strokes of running lights integrated into angular blocks of headlights.

Lexus UX 2022.

The massive front end is also equipped with vertical cooling diffusers of the front brake circuit, a set of small-sized fog lights and narrow plastic dodger.

A set of stepped, vertical and horizontal branded reliefs completes the entourage.

The side projection of the prestigious crossover demonstrates the characteristic features of the crossover layout, generously diluted with elements of aggressive style. Presented are:

A very conventional difference in the slopes of the windshield and the elongated engine compartment;
going back to the massive rear struts configuration of the decorated silver perimeter side glazing;
The massive uprights of the modern side mirrors and the ribbed profiles of the longitudinal body reliefs.

Presence of real all-terrain potential is seen in presence of special hinges and protective plastic underpads, rectangular wheel arches, 18-inch format aluminum-composite off-road disks.

Justified bewilderment is caused by uncharacteristic for crossovers low landing of the body.

Lexus UX 2022.

The rear side of the body is designed in accordance with the trends of modern automotive fashion. In the zone of attention:

equipped with side struts sloping window spoiler, monoblock design of the clearance and stop lights and LED crossbar, branded tailgate reliefs and a massive bumper with a recess for the registration plate.

In the list of design and construction features of the stern, complete with diagonal fog lights and protective panel plastic dodger.

The décor is represented by brand logos, black gloss plastic inserts and a variety of ribbed body reliefs.


Lexus UX 2022 crossover premium status fully complies with the interior design, informative and readable virtual instrument panel, extended functionality of analog activators multifunctional steering wheel. The basic package of the three-story console:

Lexus UX 2022.

12-inch diagonal media and information remote tablet;
a paired set of air ducts;
two remotes with setting elements for numerous functional as well as comfort-creating options.

As part of the tunnel adjacent to the torpedo: a container for small items, a compact joystick to switch the power transmission modes, a premium set of organizers and built into the armrest roomy volume of the mini-cooler.

The impeccable in profile and ergonomics, the commander’s seats offer premium seating and travel comfort, an extended range of operating controls, seat heating and ventilation.

The rear sofa, formatted for three seats without a center headrest, is best used to comfortably accommodate two traveling companions.

A typical feature of prestige compacts is the small loading volumes of luggage compartments. The premium Lexus was no exception, for which this parameter is limited to 272 liters.

Technical characteristics

Belonging of crossover to the segment of compact cars confirmed unchanged dimensions of the body in the ratio of 4495 x 1520 and 1840 mm, as well as shortened in relation to the older branded models to 2640 mm length of interaxle base.

Lexus UX 2022.

The new Lexus UX 2022 model year is based on the modified «bogie» GA-C, front-wheel or all-wheel drive chassis with a combined Macpherson and multi-lever suspension, a set of disc brakes, stabilizers and high-performance security systems.

The planned restyling had less of an impact on the updated engine range.

— Planned restyling had less impact on the renewal of the engine range. The base model will get a power tandem consisting of a gasoline two-liter171-horsepower atmospheric

Dynamic Force and a Direct Shift series variator transmission.

In the long term a hybrid engine with a total capacity of 178 hp is promised.

Test drive confirmed the manufacturer’s speed and other performance figures, which will be published later.

Prices and equipment

In the Russian market, the new version of the compact crossover Lexus UX 2022 will be available in five modifications costing from 2.6 to 4.4 million rubles.

The price is formed depending on the level of equipment and functionality of special options.

Sales start in Russia

Information on the time of release of the novelty on the domestic market in the sector of classified information. The approximate date of release in Russia is the start of the third quarter of 2022.


The first three real competitors of the same type of global brands: Volvo XC40, Infiniti QX55 and BMW X3.

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