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Lincoln Aviator Shinola 2022.

Lincoln Aviator Shinola 2022.

Lincoln Aviator Shinola 2022.

The Lincoln Aviator Shinola combines the luxury of two brands.
Check out the Lincoln crossover created in conjunction with luxury retailer Shinola.

Lincoln has unveiled the Aviator Shinola concept crossover — it was developed in collaboration with the luxury manufacturer and retailer of the same name.

The conceptuality of the car was reduced to the exclusive body and interior trim as well as a specially designed set of accessories, but the company has not yet reported on the possible launch of the Aviator Shinola into production.

Both Lincoln and the Shinola brand are based in Detroit and operate in the premium market.

In addition, another circumstance prompted the companies to cooperate — the headquarters of Shinoda is located in the building, which used to be a center for development of new cars.

Lincoln Aviator Shinola body was equipped with copper color finishing, referring to the Shinola Runwell bikes, and painted in pearl shade, which coincides with the color of brand’s watch faces.

Radiator grille of the crossover became golden.

Lincoln Aviator Shinola 2022.

The interior is finished in warm colors, where brown leather, cream-colored suede and special inserts on the seats are used.

The official pictures show the concept next to Shinola’s products, such as watches, bags and sunglasses.

Although there is no information about possible serial production of such crossover version, images can be considered as a hint at the prospect of producing a joint line of accessories.

Lincoln Aviator Shinola 2022.

The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance will premiere the Lincoln Aviator Shinola concept show car.

It differs from the standard Aviator only in the nuances of decor — the body «iron» has not changed.

According to the legend, Lincoln designers suddenly decided to study popular products of Shinola brand and that brand miraculously opened its showroom for them «as a playground».

The elements that caught their eye became part of an «ultra-luxury» concept. «We were given a rare gift, and we made the most of it, drawing on fresh ideas and motifs,» assures design director Kemal Kürick.

Lincoln Aviator Shinola 2022.

There’s zero data on the show car’s technology, but nothing out of the ordinary is for sure.

The three-row Aviator is available in the US with a 3.0 petrol twin-turbo (405bhp, 563Nm), 10-speed automatic, rear and all-wheel drive at prices starting at $52,560 (3.82m RUB).

The plug-in hybrid Grand Touring (500 hp, 854 N-m) «starts» at $69,445 (5.05 million). Americans bought 11,856 units (+2,174) in the first half of the year.

The U.S. brand Shinola was founded in 2011, is based in Detroit and makes Canfield Sport watches, Runwell bicycles and other products.

Lincoln Aviator Shinola 2022.

The show car’s cream coloring is «inspired by iconic watch faces,» and the rose-gold (copper) accents refer to bicycle seats.

Shinola offers leather, suede, and textiles, and all of these materials are used in the new interior trim, «warm and cozy» like the watchband.

The center console is covered with woven metal mesh and thus «emphasizes the importance of texture.

The Aviator is 5,062 mm long with a wheelbase of 3,025. Inside, it’s always a seven-seater. 22-inch alloy wheels (as pictured) are the order of the day for the model.

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