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Lincoln MKX 2016.

Lincoln MKX 2016.

Lincoln MKX 2016.


2016 Lincoln MKX crossover Premium US, became more luxurious, more beautiful and more convincing than its predecessor.

Lincoln Motor Company was one of the great symbols of American companies and the luxury of the 20th century.

Lincoln stood up thanks to the production of aircraft engines during World War II, and in the future to reach the level of presidents of cars. Today, the company is trying to win the market with the help of the MKX luxury crossover.

Lincoln MKX 2016

Front, LED headlamps give the predatory and hungry look. This image emphasizes the double grille with horizontal chrome strips, and a wide hood with five ribs.

The front bumper looks reserved and laconic. It is complemented by chrome «mustache», the aluminum pad and LED running lights.

Lincoln MKX 2016.

Profile MKX demonstrates the 20-inch wheels with thin needles, which are hidden in the wheel arches with plastic lining.

The relief forms of status attached to the five-seat crossover. Muscular «back» pleasantly surprised by the new form of LED headlamps, which extend across the width of the trunk and a little similar to the optics Porsche.

A touch of sportiness to the design brings a spoiler mounted on the trunk lid and the diamond-shaped exhaust pipes, from which came the quiet roar of the engine.

It is worth noting that the boot is on a good level, which should facilitate the process of loading and unloading luggage.

Lincoln MKX 2016...

Lincoln IBC 2016 model year offers a very quiet and cozy interior, decorated with soft leather, wood and aluminum trim. The driver is in the high chair with an integral headrest.

«Meaty» steering wheel and instrument panel gives the impression that you are behind the wheel of the presidential Lincoln.

The wide center console received a discreet and practical design. On top of it «rests» big vent blower. Below is a multimedia display system and the climate control unit.

Optionally, you can install the excellent audio system Harman Revel. Behind will be able to accommodate up to three people.

In this case a high probability that their knees will abut the front seat, in spite of the fact that the car was 76 mm long.

List of auxiliary systems include adaptive cruise control, a circular viewing system, collision avoidance system and control of dead zones

Lincoln MKX 2016....

Under the hood, installed a new 2.7-liter V6 engine with 335 hp and 525 Nm of torque. Powered powertrain with a 6-speed automatic transmission, sending power to all four driving wheels.

Dynamic performance is not disclosed. But the fuel consumption will be 13.8 liters per hundred urban roads.

Test — drive 2016 Lincoln MKX

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