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Lincoln Navigator 2020.

Lincoln Navigator 2020.

Lincoln Navigator 2020.

The 2020 Lincoln Navigator marks the debut of last year’s New York Auto Show. Especially for the event, the manufacturer developed a concept with lifting doors, which looked extremely unusual, given the considerable size of these very doors.

However, for mass production, a machine with the usual swing doors is offered. The general exterior and interior decoration of the vehicle very accurately convey the novelty of the New York Auto Show. And this cannot fail to attract fans of non-standard cars.

Review of the new crossover

The appearance of the huge, like an iceberg, car, easily recognizes the outlines of the Lincoln Continental sedan, which, in turn, was created on the basis of the latest generation Ford Expedition.

Lincoln Navigator 2020.

The most expensive version of the Lincoln Navigator 2020 Black Label, which means luxurious finishes and access to a special loyalty program, which means the opportunity to get into private clubs and receive special exclusive service. True, the cost of the new item has not yet been reported. The estimated cost of the basic versions of the vehicle is also unknown.


In size, the 2020 Lincoln Navigator almost completely repeats its prototype — Ford Expedition. In the basic version, the vehicle is 5.3 meters long, while the Navigator L with an extended wheelbase is 5.6 meters. The weight of the giant giant is as much as 2.5 tons.

Lincoln Navigator 2020.

And this despite the fact that the manufacturer was trying his best to somehow lighten the vehicle. For this, for example, the body was almost completely made of aluminum, but this did not help much. In this way, they «saved» only 90 kg.

Another reference to the «Fords» was the frame, like the modern Ford F-150 pickup. However, the Lincoln Navigator 2020 even looks quite distinctive with it.


The manufacturers really did their best to design the interior. At least it is completely original, and not borrowed from other vehicles.
And much here corresponds to the latest fashion trends.

For example, the instrument cluster was replaced with a large 12-inch display. A separate screen with touch control and a projector on the windshield is provided for the media system.

Lincoln Navigator 2020.

Multimedia lovers will definitely be satisfied with the new Lincoln Navigator 2020 model, if only because it implements the distribution of Wi-Fi up to ten devices simultaneously. There are also 11 charging points for a variety of gadgets in the cabin.

There are:
• 12-volt sockets;
• 110-volt socket;
• USB connectors, etc.

Among the innovations is an unusual ledge, reminiscent of a window sill, on which the engine start button is located. Automatic control is carried out by thin buttons on the center console.

And this is not the most convenient solution, since the driver can easily miss. But for the little things, a huge tray is thought out, located between the front panel and the console.

The 2020 Lincoln Navigator has three rows of seats. In the first row, they are heated, and at the request of the customer, the chairs can be equipped with vibration massagers and ventilation. The designers have thought of as many as 30 seat customization options, but this is for the most expensive versions.

The special pride of the manufacturer is reinforced noise insulation and laminated glass, which will not give a chance to the slightest noise. The crossover will be equipped with all-round cameras, cruise control, an electronics complex and Trailer Backup Assist parking sensors for vehicles with a trailer.

Lincoln Navigator 2020.

Technical stuffing

The engine is a twin-turbo EcoBoost six, replacing the canonical V8 engine. The 2020 Lincoln Navigator features the latest engine revision, the V6 3.5. It has 456 horsepower instead of the usual 385.

The transmission is ten-speed, from Ford and GM. She replaced the six-speed «automatic».
Basic versions have rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive transmission with automatic front axle connection.

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