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Lincoln Navigator 2022.

Lincoln Navigator 2022.

Lincoln Navigator 2022.

The updated Lincoln Navigator debuted with autopilot.

The framed giant Lincoln Navigator is the most prestigious and expensive vehicle in the company’s lineup.

This SUV of the present generation debuted four years ago, but it is inferior in sales to its main competitor, Cadillac Escalade model: for example, 15,000 Navigators were sold in the US market last year against 25,000 Escalades.

Will the planned upgrade help reduce the gap?

The appearance, at first sight, almost has not changed, though there are enough changes.

The Navigator has got other bumpers, enlarged grille, new LED headlights (they are matrix already «in base») and rear lights with a three-dimensional effect.

There are new decorative trim on the sides. As before, the range includes the standard Navigator 5.3 m long and the stretched Navigator L 5.6 m long.

Lincoln Navigator 2022.

The main change in the cabin is the new Sync 4 media system with a 13.2-inch widescreen screen instead of the previous 10-inch one.

An improved voice assistant understands conversational speech, connectivity to streaming video services, and Lincoln Enhance’s over-the-air update system are provided.

As before, there are virtual instruments (12 inches) and a projection display.

At the top of the range is the Black Label version, already traditional for Lincolns, with the richest interior trimming in leather and wood veneer.

Lincoln Navigator 2022.

In the case of the Navigator, the Black Label is chosen by 20% of buyers.

Now new combinations of trim materials under the names Central Park and Invitation are offered for it, and the total number of options is four instead of the previous three.

Navigator has three rows of seats, and the second row is now heated and ventilated as standard.

And for an extra fee, for the first time in the segment a built-in massager is offered.

Also for cars with separate seats in the second row is now offered a separate 5.8-inch touchscreen: it is located in the central armrest and is responsible for climate control and audio system.

Lincoln Navigator 2022.

But the most important new feature is the Lincoln ActiveGlide quasi-autopilot.

It is an improved version of the former Co-Pilot360 system, that is, adaptive cruise control with lane-holding, automatic pulling over after stopping and road sign recognition functions.

ActiveGlide allows you to remove your hands from the steering wheel, but only on some sections of North American highways, which are marked in the onboard navigator: their total length is 209,000 kilometers.

At the same time, the driver still has to keep an eye on the road: the position of the eyes is monitored by electronics with a camera in the front panel.

After the Navigator the ActiveGlide system should appear in other Lincolns.

Bi-Turbo V6 3.5 engine is the same, but its power for some reason reduced from 456 to 446 hp, although the torque is the same (691 Nm).

Lincoln Navigator 2022.

It works in tandem with the 10-speed automatic. Base Navigator has a rear-wheel drive, for extra charge — all-wheel drive transmission.

And the independent spring suspension is now adaptive, and with the Road Preview function: the front camera reads the relief of the road in front of the car, and electronics based on these data changes the stiffness of shock absorbers.

The updated Lincoln Navigator will appear on the U.S. market in early 2022.

Now prices for the pre-reform cars start at $77,000, and the Black Label costs at least $99,000.

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