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Lotus Emira 2021.

Lotus Emira 2021.

Lotus Emira 2021.

Lotus Emira 2021. New sports car Lotus Emira — with Toyota or AMG engines.
The presentation of a new Lotus model is so rare that all the premieres in the 21st century can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

In 2000, Exige appeared, in 2006 — Europa, and in 2008 — Evora. After that, there was only an endless series of upgrades and special versions.

But four years ago, Lotus moved under the wing of the Geely holding, and the Chinese breathed new life into the British company.

The electric hypercar Lotus Evija has already been announced (commercial cars will appear later this year), but this is a small circulation and very expensive car.

The basis of the new model range and a truly massive sports car will be the mid-engined coupe Lotus Emira.

This coupe will single-handedly replace all existing models — Elise, Exige and Evora — in the production program.

But at the same time, it will become the last Lotus with an internal combustion engine without an electric attachment: according to the recently adopted Vision80 strategy, Lotus will subsequently produce only hybrids and electric vehicles.

Lotus Emira 2021.

But it was not in vain that the company used the word Emira for its name, which is translated from some ancient languages ​​as “leader”. Apparently, this sports car will live a long conveyor life.

The development of Emira began in the fall of 2018 and is not yet completed: the final tests are ahead. But overall, the design and construction of the machine is finalized.

From the outside, the Emira looks like the Evija hypercar, with a new corporate identity developed by an in-house design team led by Russell Carr. It features vertical LED headlights, boomerang air ducts and a curved roof.

In terms of size, the Lotus Emira surpasses even the Evora, not to mention Elise and Exige: length — 4412 mm, width — 1895 mm, height — 1225 mm.

Lotus Emira 2021.

The sports car has standard 20-inch wheels. At the same time, there is not a single active element in the aerodynamic body kit: all surfaces are verified and calculated once and for all.

The Emira is the first model to feature the new Sports Car Architecture aluminum platform.

Conceptually, it repeats the platform of the previous Lotus, and even the wheelbase is the same as that of the Evora model (2575 mm), but all the units and elements are redesigned, and the track has become noticeably wider.

At the same time, Emira has retained the classic power steering!

The basic power unit is the same. This is a Toyota V6 3.5 engine modified by the British with a supercharged drive, there is a choice of a manual transmission or an Aisin “automatic”.

But an alternative option will also be offered: the two-liter turbo four AMG M139, familiar from the Mercedes-AMG A 45, CLA 45 and GLA 45 models.

Lotus Emira 2021.

The Daimler concern has become a new technical partner of Lotus, although this is not surprising, because it already cooperates with the Geely holding. for example, in the development of the smart brand.

Lotus will get a modified turbo engine with original intake and exhaust systems, and the only gearbox is an eight-speed «robot» with two clutches.

Alas, the company has not yet released the exact specifications of each engine. Only a power range from 360 to 400 hp is declared, as well as a maximum torque of 430 Nm.

The fastest modification will be able to gain a “hundred” in less than 4.5 seconds, the maximum speed is about 290 km / h. For a surcharge, a Lotus Drivers Pack is offered, which includes a stiffer suspension, launch control and special Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires.

However, the main trump card of the Emira, in comparison with the previous models, is a much more thought-out and comfortable interior: this Lotus should become a full-fledged car for every day.

Lotus Emira 2021.

The cup holders that have appeared in the cabin are the most eloquent evidence of this — for the first time on a car of this brand!

The double interior has a «full» finish with soft materials, nappa leather is offered for the upholstery of the seats, the range of their adjustment is expanded, and an electric drive can be ordered for a surcharge.

The devices are now virtual (on a screen with a diagonal of 12.3 inches), there is a media system (10.25 inches), in which climate control is fully integrated.

Among the options is an advanced audio system from the British company KEF.

The Evora also had a stabilization system and side airbags, but the new Emira was the first in the range to acquire an automatic braking system and adaptive cruise control.

The coupe has two trunks: the compartment behind the seats has a passport volume of 208 liters, and another capacity in the rear overhang is designed for 151 liters.

It is clear that all the elements of comfort and additional electronics affected the weight of the car: Lotus Emira in the lightest configuration with an AMG engine pulls 1405 kg, that is, it is 10 kg heavier than the Evora coupe with Toyota’s «six».

And yet, with a new set of consumer qualities, such a Lotus should attract not only enthusiasts, but a wider audience as well.

If in recent years the company has sold 1400-1600 cars a year, now only Emira, according to the plan, should reach the level of 4800 units annually!

For the cars of the new family, a new assembly plant has been built in Hetel, with which the company intends to improve the quality of the cars.

It cost £ 100 million and has automated sites for the first time, although manual labor is still high.

Lotus Emira sports cars with V6 engines will hit the market in spring 2022, and the version with AMG turbo four will arrive in time for the summer.

The starting price is already known: from 60 thousand pounds, while the outgoing Lotus Elise starts at 45,500 pounds, and the Evora — from 86 thousand pounds.

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