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Lotus Evija 2020.

Lotus Evija 2020.

Lotus Evija 2020.

Lotus Evija 2020: the first electric hypercar.

More and more companies are starting to make electric cars. Moreover, not all of them are intended for everyday use.

So, the Lotus company recently showed an all-electric hypercar — Lotus Evija 2020.

In addition to the fact that the new model has excellent characteristics, it also boasts a stylish design, which is not much like the rest of the Lotus brand.

The car is elegantly executed inside. Here you can find absolutely everything you need for a comfortable and fast ride. True, the price of the car will please very few people.


By design, the new body is more similar not to the Lotus, but to the Ferrari. This is facilitated by the original shapes of the main parts, a bunch of air intakes, formidable optics, doors that open upwards and other details that are noticeable even in the photo.

Lotus Evija 2020.

As befits a sports car, the front end here takes up quite a lot of space and provides the car with excellent aerodynamics. For this, it has a large width, slope and a lot of relief.

The bonnet boasts a large recess in the center section, cutouts to improve cooling of the engine compartment, and large lugs on the sides. The latter also includes long strips of head optics placed almost vertically.

As a filling, only laser lights are used here, which provide excellent illumination of the road with low energy consumption.

Especially a lot of decor on the body kit. Almost all free space on it is reserved for air intake systems. They are connected to each other only by thin strips of the body.

You can also find here a huge amount of stepped relief and other transitions in height, due to which the aerodynamics of the car is seriously increased.

Lotus Evija 2020.

From the side, the car is immediately distinguished by large doors that open upwards. They consist of very small windows and the main part, on which there is a huge amount of relief.

The rear end is distinguished by the presence of air intake systems that supply air to the brakes and the motor. Below you can find huge wheel arches and sport skirts.

The back of the car, like all similar cars, is long and wide. It starts with a sloping roof, which is also a trunk lid. Next, the body is seriously expanded.

Here you can already find a retractable spoiler that improves many characteristics of the car, a huge amount of relief, stylish marker signals and air intake systems.

Below is a massive diffuser, brake lights, and decorative exhaust pipes, which are necessary here to increase the aggression of the car’s appearance.

Lotus Evija 2020.


Impressive is the new 2020 Lotus Evija model year and interior equipment. Everything here is finished with light, but high-quality materials such as carbon, alcantara, leather and others.

In general, the interior of the car looks more like a racing car than a regular sports car.

The dashboard is quite unusual here. It consists of a large monitor, which is located behind the steering wheel, and a long strip of analog buttons for its control, placed vertically in the center.

The tunnel at the car includes only a few buttons and an armrest. There are practically no organizers in the car.

There are only two seats in the car. They have a comfortable shape and are able to provide passengers with a high level of comfort and safety.

The seats boast luxurious side bolsters, heated seats, a variety of electrical adjustments and other options.

Lotus Evija 2020.


The characteristics of the car are very impressive here. It will be driven by four electric motors, which are located on each wheel. Their total output is as much as 2000 horsepower.

All this, as a test drive shows, is capable of accelerating a car to hundreds on the speedometer in just 3 seconds. In another 3 seconds, the car will accelerate to 200 kilometers per hour.

The third hundred will subdue in 9 seconds. The maximum speed is electronically limited at around 320 kilometers per hour, although such motors are capable of delivering much more.

Options and prices

Not everyone can afford such a car. The Lotus Hypercar will cost a whopping 1.7 million pounds. If you translate this into rubles, you get about 133 million.

Release date in Russia

The start of sales in Russia is already open, as in the whole world. A total of 130 cars will be produced, for each of which an advance payment of 250 thousand pounds must be made.


This car is able to compete with most sports cars equipped with traditional motors. The main ones are Ferrari 458, Lamborghini Aventador, Bugatti Chiron, many Keinigseg cars, as well as Pagani cars.

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