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Lotus Evija 2021.

Lotus Evija 2021.

Lotus Evija 2021.

Hypercar Lotus Evija is delayed, but it is again the most powerful in the world.

Production and delivery of Lotus’s electric flagship was supposed to begin later this year, but due to the pandemic, development of the car has been delayed, and now it will enter the market closer to the summer of 2021.

As a moral compensation, the company will offer customers an increased power plant capacity — now at least 2027 hp!

The prototype Lotus Evija debuted last July and marked the renaissance of the British brand under the wing of the Chinese holding company Geely.

Lotus Evija 2021.

Evija became the first electric and at the same time the most powerful model in the history of Lotus: the power plant output was declared at the level of 2000 hp, which at that time was a record among cars intended for mass production.

In November last year, the serial Japanese electric hypercar Aspark Owl debuted with a return of 2012 hp, and the Greek gasoline hypercar Spyros Panopoulos Chaos, announced this spring, promises 3000 hp.

Lotus Evija 2021.

In general, the title of the most powerful production car from Lotus Evija was quickly squeezed out, but Chaos has not yet been officially presented and is still a dark horse, but the British have already «punished» the Japanese Aspark Owl — according to Autocar magazine, the power of the Evija power plant on serial cars will not be less than 2027 hp

Among electric vehicles, Evija is now definitely the most powerful in the world.

Lotus Evija 2021.

It was possible to increase the return by adjusting and optimizing the components during the quarantine lockdown.

But, unfortunately, due to flight restrictions, the test program was frozen, and now it needs to be made up urgently.

Due to a break in testing, it is impossible to start mass production on schedule — the head of Lotus Cars Phil Popham announced a delay of about five months, that is, Evija commercial samples will not be released until the end of spring 2021, and even then, provided that it is not introduced new business restrictions due to the second wave of the pandemic.

Lotus Evija 2021.

The mintage and price of the Lotus Evija remain the same — 130 copies and 1.7 million pounds.

The development of the machine, we recall, is carried out in conjunction with the well-known engineering company Williams Advanced Engineering.

The battery has a relatively small capacity of 70 kWh and allows you to drive only 400 km on a single charge in the WLTP cycle, but you can fully charge it from a 350-kilowatt express terminal in just 18 minutes, and the maximum charging power is as much as 800 kW, that is in theory, you can spend no more time charging than filling gasoline into a traditional car.

Four electric motors (one for each wheel) allow you to dial the first «hundred» in less than 3 s, 300 km / h — in less than 9 s. The maximum speed is limited to 340 km / h.

Evija will be produced at the historic factory in Hetel, but in a completely new high-tech case, but the production of future Lotus models, it is quite possible, will be established in China.

The next novelty after Evija is an absolutely light gasoline sports car with a factory index Type 131, which will occupy a niche between Exige and Evora.

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