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Lotus Evora Sport 410 2016.

Lotus Evora Sport 410 2016.

Lotus Evora Sport 410 2016.

One year after the presentation of the 400-strong two-door roadster Evora 400, Lotus company introduced a modified version — Evora Sport 410 2016 ujlf.


A unique feature of the British sports car was a weight loss of 70 kilograms. The total mass of 1325 kg has been reached thanks to the large number of parts made of carbon fiber, including the front splitter, roof, tailgate, diffuser, front seats and front torpedo.

By the way, laconic interior Evora Sport 410 is trimmed Alcantara with yellow double stitching and has inlays in aluminum.


Based on the numbers, «wired» in the title, charged «yellow bee» generates 410 hp power 410 Nm of torque. Under the hood is still the same V6 engine capacity of 3.5-liter, which works with a 6-speed automatic or 6-speed manual.

To disperse hundreds took 4.1 seconds, 0.2 seconds faster than the previous model. Maximum speed maintained its previous level — 299 km / h.


Downsizing forced calibration engineers make the suspension, which is now 5 mm lower than Evora.

The new Lotus Evora Sport 410 Lotus is also equipped with the system «Dynamic Performance Management (DPM), which governs the sport of auto tuning.

Lotus company plans to build 150 copies Evora Sport 410 in the first year. On the foggy Albion sports car will be priced at 107 000 euros.


Test — drive the Lotus Evora Sport 410 2016


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