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Lucid Air 2020.

Lucid Air 2020.

Lucid Air 2020.

Lucid Air 2020. New Tesla rival Lucid Air electric car with autopilot (price and specifications)
As talented specialists left Apple at one time, so ambitious techies left Tesla to create their own companies.

They were inspired by a personal example of the Mask or not — it does not matter. The main thing is that this is another round of universal electrification, which allowed the birth of a new «Tesla killer» — Lucid Air.

Lucid Air 2020.


Let’s start, as always, with a review of the trolley, power of the power units and battery capacity. In general, the project still has not gone beyond the concept (it is known about the release of 255 cars), so there is no way to make a detailed analysis of the cart compared to Tesla.

About the new car Lusid Air is known that the sedan is focused on the luxury segment. And they didn’t stint on the development here. The cart will be twin-engine. By tradition, one is in front, the other is behind.

Yes, Tesla has one for each wheel, but this does not mean any advantages. Moreover, it is declared about 1000 hp. For comparison, the “eska» (it would be possible to compare with the Roadster, but the difference in class would be unfair) The mask is almost twice as inferior in power (512 hp).

The claimed acceleration of 2.5 seconds, 0.8 seconds less than Model S. Lucid Air’s maximum speed will exceed 300 km / h.
The power reserve here will also be greater. It seems that the former Tesla employees are playing to suppress, significantly increasing the performance of their product.

On one charge, Lusid Air will travel 640 km, “eska” — 530 km. The battery pack is traditionally located on the bottom. The capacity was 130 kW / h.
For safety, promise full protection for passengers. No worse than a competitor.

Lucid Air 2020..


Speaking of Lucid Air, you simply can’t ignore the body. By the way, many who want to buy an electric car do not take Tesla precisely because of body decisions. For many, they seem too mundane to match the characteristics.

This is also confirmed by pre-orders for Cybertrack. Now everyone requires futurism. With this, the electric car has no problems.
In front of us there is an aggressive look of narrow LEDs mounted in one unit in a fake lattice.

Just above the elegant inscription is the name of the brand. Below is a mundane bumper with extra light in niches on the sides. Next comes the hood with stamping and a smooth transition to the windshield, which also smoothly passes into a huge panoramic roof.

The 21-inch wheels, huge for a sedan, the leaving door handles and the general streamlining of forms are striking from the side.
The stern demonstrates a small wing, which is part of the stamping of the tailgate, a narrow block of LED position lights, connected by a bridge with a similar inscription of the brand name.

Lucid Air 2020


The interior of Lucid Air is the pinnacle of design art. He seemed to be supervised by the late Jobs. Along the entire perimeter is an egg-shaped rib extending in front of the torpedo.

It seems that the latter seems to soar in the air. The rest is minimalism combined with futurism, wrapped in premium luxury finishes.

In front, in addition to 4 deflectors, there are 4 screens. There are only a few buttons for the entire interior — on the door cards, the multifunction steering wheel and in the panel of the central air vents.

Passenger space at the rear is no less interesting. There is a huge multimedia screen in the center, plus another folding touchscreen is mounted in the armrest to control comfort functions. Two captain’s seats are also separated by a central tunnel.

Lucid Air 2020

Price and sales start date

The project is currently in limbo. Initially, it was announced that Lucid Air will be released at the end of 2018, but the yard is already the beginning of 2020 and there are no prerequisites for the appearance of the car on the roads.

At the beginning of last year, the concern demonstrated its prototype and began to build its assembly line in Arizona. But after the start of financial problems of the main Chinese investors, everything abruptly subsided. At the same time, you can still pre-order on the official website.

The planned assessment was $ 100,000, also the head of the company talked about the release of a cheaper model for $ 65,000 (Tesla S costs $ 70,000).

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