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Lucid Air Dream Edition 2022.

Lucid Air Dream Edition 2022.

Lucid Air Dream Edition 2022.

Four Lucid Air Dream Edition 2022 sedans are selling for more than $200,000 on eBay.

The first customer shipments of Lucid Air’s newest electric sedans didn’t start until early November, but several units have already managed to hit eBay for exorbitant prices.

The all-electric sedan is currently available in the flagship Dream Edition Performance and Dream Edition Range, both of which will cost buyers $170,500.

Four Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance models are now for sale on eBay, and they’re asking much more than they cost their first owners — over $200,000.

This is the kind of business that has become very popular lately.

The most expensive of the four electric cars for sale has a white body and a mileage of 27 kilometers.

It is number 240 of the 520 Dream Edition models Lucid plans to release.

Interestingly, the ad states that the car was put up for sale the same day the owner picked it up at the dealer.

Clearly, the sedan was bought for resale. The asking price for it is $239,000. The second sedan in the Eureka Gold color is slightly cheaper at $225,000.

The two remaining Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance models are $210,000 and $206,000, respectively.

Both are painted in Eureka Gold. And the more expensive variant managed to get more mileage — 1,086 kilometers versus 257 kilometers.

Lucid has sold out of its entire run of electric sedans. So to buy a car at the secondary market is the only chance for those who really wanted, but did not have time to book the most advanced version of the Air.

Lucid Air Dream Edition 2022.

Lucid Motors’ Air luxury electric sedan is the most anticipated fall premiere on the electric car market.

It is considered a major competitor to the Tesla, because it can travel 517 miles (832 km) on a single charge (EPA) and produces 1,080 hp. Another advantage is the interior of the cabin. But first things first.

Basic numbers.

The Air Dream Edition starts with Performance and Range versions. How do they differ? The more productive Performance produces 1080 horsepower, accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds, and has 21-inch wheels as standard (19″ is optional).

Lucid Air Dream Edition Range has 933 hp, 0-60 mph acceleration in 2.7 seconds, 19-inch wheels (21″ optional).

Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance and Range general specs: price is $169,000, two engines, all-wheel drive, 270 mph, 924 V system power.

The performance of standard Lucid Air models:

Pure — 88 kW*h battery, 653 km range, rear-wheel drive, 480 hp, 0-100 acceleration — 4.2 s, cost — $77,400;

Touring — 88 kW*h, range — 653 km, all-wheel drive, 620 hp, 0-100 acceleration — 3.4 s, $87500;

Grand Touring — 110 kWh, range — 832 km, all-wheel drive, 800 hp, 0-100 acceleration — 3.2 s, 139,000 cu.

The compact electric motor has become with its size and weight the most powerful in the world — weighing only 74 kg it generates 670 hp. Lucid Air Dream Edition is equipped with two such motors.

Lucid Air Dream Edition 2022.

Charging Lucid Air Dream Edition 2022.

The Wunderbox Lucid Air electric car charging system gives you 300 miles of range (482 km) in 20 minutes.

It automatically scans the car, adjusts the incoming voltage and boosts it for a quick charge.

If desired, you can choose the charging time — the car starts and completes the process on its own at the specified hour.

The Air Wunderbox boots charger is compatible with almost all Level 2 and Level 3 charging stations.

The maximum charging capacity is 300 kW. From AC power — up to 19.2 kW.


The sedan gets a sleek, futuristic shape, platinum accents and a glass roof.

It is offered in white, black and gold colors. The car was conceived by Derek Jenkins as «something easily streamlined that just flows through the air without being overly aggressive.» The drag coefficient is 0.21.

Lucid Air Dream Edition 2022.

The Micro Lens Array headlight system with a matrix of micro lenses independently determines the direction of light for maximum visibility and safety.

Air intakes on the light panel help cool the headlights and create an aerodynamic curtain around the side mirrors. Another feature is the one-piece taillight, which Lucid calls the largest for a production car.

Note that the Air has the highest luggage capacity of any electric car — 202 liters in the front and 456 liters in the back.


In front of the driver behind the wheel is a 34-inch Glass Cockpit — a display with 5K resolution, and on the center console — a retractable control panel.

The one-piece glass roof allows you to enjoy the beauty of the sky without fear of sunlight and heat.

The spacious interior boasts high-quality materials: wood, leather, metal, alcantara, plastic and fabric.

In addition, there are physical controls for fan speed, temperature, volume and overhead illumination.

A package with two rear folding seats will be available in the future. For now, the model is available in a five-seat version with plenty of leg room both in front and rear. A nice optional bonus is the massage chairs.


The Lucid Dream Drive Assist System (ADAS) includes 32 multimodal sensors, including innovative cameras, radar, ultrasonic sensors, and a driver monitoring system.

Lucid Air Dream Edition 2022.

LIDAR laser beams help measure the distance to other objects in the path of the vehicle.

Safety features include automatic emergency braking, blind spot detection and cross-traffic alert.

With facial recognition, the car automatically pulls out the handle and opens your doors and turns on the lights.

Alexa voice assistant, Surreal Sound audio system with 21 speakers, Dolby Atmos, Ethernet-Ring, compatibility with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto — this is not the whole list of «pluses» of the Air Dream Edition.

The electric car is assembled at the plant in Casa Grande, Arizona. The Lucid Air Dream Edition will be followed by deliveries of the Grand Touring and Touring, and later, the Air Pure. Expect the models to become available at auto auctions soon after their debut.

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