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Manhart Audi RS3 500.

Manhart Audi RS3 500.

Manhart Audi RS3 500.

Manhart RS3 500: German tuners are preparing a 500-horsepower variant of Audi RS3.

Manhart studio has announced a tuned version of the «charged» Audi RS3.

The modification under development is called «Manhart RS3 500».

So far the studio has published only a few renderings. Depicted on them the car has a traditional black body painting with eye-catching gold decals.

Plus, the car gets a set of 20-inch Concave One alloy wheels.

These rollers come in black paint and a twin-spoke design.

Audi RS3 is equipped from the factory with a 2.5-liter «turbo» which produces 400 hp for Europe, and already 407 powers for the USA.

However, the tuners decided that this is not enough. On the modification Manhart RS3 500 they promise to increase engine’s performance up to 500 hp at once. The modification of the Manhart RS3 500, using the proprietary MHtronik Powerbox module.

Dynamic characteristics of modified cars in the studio until they are ready to call, but it certainly will be faster than the stock model, which disperses from 0-100 km / h in 3.8 seconds.

Manhart Audi RS3 500.

And tuners will also lower the «charged» sedans and station wagons suspension. This will make the rack of cars more formidable, and also will have a positive impact on controllability.

Plus, the Manhart RS3 500 will get an adjustable stainless steel exhaust system.

The standard oval spigots will be retained, and the sound of the stuffing will become «richer».

Orders for the modification have already started but the cost of the tuning kit is not disclosed.

Manhart has made a new Audi RS 3 a quarter more powerful. The company’s next project involves modifications to the new sedan and hatchback.

Manhart Audi RS3 500.

Tuning studio Manhart, projects of which are mainly based on German cars, has presented a program of improvements of two Audi.

We are talking about the last generation RS 3 — both sedan and Sportback five-door hatchback.

Due to efforts of the company’s specialists, even not weak cars became more powerful.

The company’s specialists have made these cars even more powerful than before, and achieved the increase in performance through relatively small changes.

The Audi RS 3 of the latest generation is equipped with traditional for the model 5-cylinder petrol turbo engine, which 2.5 liter specialists managed to remove 400 horsepower and 500 Nm).

Manhart Audi RS3 500.

At the expense of the only engine control unit MHtronik Powerbox in tuning studio received a boost in power and torque — modified sedan and wagon have already 500 horsepower.

Ready cars Manhart RS3 500 is not available yet, but on computer renderings you can estimate the scale of modification of the exterior — in the tuning studio have prepared new bumpers and pads for wheel arches, as well as traditional for the company set of golden stickers for the body.

New 20-inch Concave One wheels are also available.

In addition to increasing engine power Manhart offers owners of Audi RS 3 to reduce ground clearance at the expense of a new suspension and install a new stainless steel exhaust system.

The cost of the set of modifications is not named, but the reception of orders for tuning kits is already open.

Manhart Audi RS3 500.

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