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Manhart TM3 510 2022.

Manhart TM3 510 2022.

Manhart TM3 510 2022.

Manhart TM3 510: a modified version of the Tesla Model 3 sedan from German tuners.

Manhart is mainly engaged in tuning models of German brands, so the premiere of the modified electric sedan Tesla Model 3 was a surprise for many.

Manhart tuners usually make grandiose updates to the most different cars.

However, with the Tesla Model 3 electric sedan, they decided to be more restrained. The Manhart TM3 510 2022 received several visual updates from the tuning specialists.

Manhart called TM3 510 and from the outside attracts attention with a gloss black body painting and company’s own livery, but instead of gold decals tuners used orange.

The first thing worth noting is a new tuning of the suspension of the electric car. Installed other springs, which reduced ground clearance of the sedan.

Besides, 21-inch disks Barracuda perfectly complementing formidable style of the model deserves special attention.

They are painted in gray shade, but customers can choose any color for the rim.

Manhart TM3 510 2022.

In addition, a carbon splitter was installed at the front, but this is not the last update to the car. The hood and trunk door have a gray stripe with an orange accent.

In addition, various red and gray stickers can be found all over the body.

There is a Manhart sticker on the bottom of the doors and a red contrasting stripe.

Manhart TM3 510 2022.

Also included is a special sticker for the front fascia, which creates the appearance of a honeycomb grille.

The tuners’ project did not imply changing the interior of the car, but at the request of the buyer the specialists will add the required touches.

It is reported that as an additional option you can buy an updated braking system.

Manhart TM3 510 2022.

The interior of the demo car has not been changed, though the studio has already said they are ready to consider all customer requests for interior trim and decor.

Manhart projects are known for its boosted engines, but the Tesla Model 3 technical «stuffing» remained standard: the model has a blocked software from the factory, so reconfigure softwares from tuners failed.

However, the modification captured on the photo is based on the high-performance twin-engine Performance version.

Manhart TM3 510 2022.

It develops 490 hp, which, in opinion of German tuners, is quite enough.

But the specialists interfered with the settings of suspension. Having involved the springs H&R, they managed to lower the clearance of the electric car.

Plus they are ready to equip the American model with a more productive braking system for extra charge. The cost of the TM3 510 remains unknown.


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