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MAZ-5516 2022.

MAZ-5516 2022.

MAZ-5516 2022.

MAZ-5516 2022. Minsk Automobile Plant since its foundation specializes in the production of large vehicles.

MAZ’s main source of income are tractors and dump trucks, which are mainly supplied to Belarusian and Russian markets. However, in the future the company may re-profile its activities.

Chinese manufacturers show that it is possible to create completely different cars under one brand. For example, Geely specializes in the production of passenger cars, including premium class, and tractors.

The same is done by Dongfeng and many other companies. Such approach allows manufacturers to get profits all the time regardless of the situation on the world market.

And MAZ has been experiencing rather serious financial difficulties for the last years. Therefore, the Belarusian company should pay attention to the segment of passenger cars. Moreover, an independent designer showed how the first MAZ model could look like.

Renders published by him reveal quite interesting crossover MAZ-5516 2021-2022, which could become one of the bestsellers, at least in the Russian market.

The fact is that the car has a compact size. In addition, its creation with a high probability will use the platform and power units JAC.

This is evidenced by the fact that the Chinese company has been cooperating with MAZ for several years, having established production of own vans at the Minsk plant.

MAZ-5516 2022.

For example, a crossover JAC S3, which is comparable in size with the presented on renderings parkettes, costs less than a million rubles in Russia. That is, and a novelty from MAZ will cost about the same.

Belarusian crossover is something between Lada XRay and Hyundai Creta. This means that the car, in case it enters the market, will debut in a segment where it will have no competitors.

This fact, combined with an affordable price should make the novelty one of the bestsellers.


A new crossover MAZ-5516 2021-2022 stands out against the background of potential competitors with its compact size.

Thanks to the small front and rear overhangs, as well as a fairly high roof line there is enough space inside the car.

But the luggage compartment of the novelty will be compact. This is due to two circumstances: too far placed second row seats and tilted forward rear door.


MAZ-5516 2022. The first crossover MAZ is designed in youth style. This effect is accentuated by heavily sloped front pillars and sloping roof, giving the truck a smoother and more sporty outline.

Interestingly, but some details of the Belarusian novelty make it similar to BMW X1. This is a volume hood with rounded edges and two-part grille.

But the last one in Belarusian novelty is divided into two sectors due to the thick metal plate with branded badge MAZ on it. The inner structure of the radiator grille is made by the original grid.

Despite its compact size, the presented crossover received large headlights. Inside it, judging by the published renderings, there are large LED lights, which are framed top and bottom by LED lights of traffic lights and turn signals.

Under the headlights is placed an additional block of headlights. Perhaps it serves as a «fog lights».

The Belarusian crossover has a sporty front bumper. On its sides, at a considerable distance from the center, there are recesses designed for compact air vents.

Also the front bumper is complemented by elongated air intake, closed by the characteristic teeth. They give the front end of the Belarusian novelty body an aggressive look.

The presented crossover is also distinguished by voluminous wheel arches, making the car «muscular.

MAZ-5516 2022.

Along the side doors of the novelty the visible chiseled stripes run, emphasizing the sports design trend. This effect is supported by exterior mirrors with rounded edges.

MAZ-5516 2021-2022 crossover also has distinguished by voluminous forms. There is a compact fender of a stepped structure. Under it is a relatively small glass.

The taillights, as well as headlights, are big enough. Another interesting solution implemented on the body of the new MAZ crossover is a lower block of lights, built on the sides of the rear bumper.

These stoplights are almost as big as rear lights. In addition, among the notable details is a contrasting insert, which is located in the center of the luggage door.

Thanks to it, the Belarusian crossover from behind reminds a little of Renault Duster.

Interior design of the presented model is not disclosed. But some interior details are already known.

Thus, the car will definitely borrow from JAC S3 compact touch screen, which in order to save interior space will be placed on top of the central console. In addition, the second row of seats will be located very close to the front.

MAZ-5516 2022.

Technical Specifications

As noted earlier, presented crossover in the case of launching production will be based on a platform, which is borrowed from the company JAC. In this case, the car will be based on McPherson front struts and rear torsion beam.

Technical characteristics of MAZ-5516 2021-2022 crossover raise questions. It is more likely it will receive 1.6-liter naturally aspirated engine, which develops no more than 109 hp and combined with a continuously variable transmission.

Also, a variant with another «atmospheric» 1.5-liter motor, which produces up to 111 hp, is not ruled out. Introduction of both power units in the Belorussian novelty will allow keeping its prices at an acceptable level.

But we can’t exclude the other possibility: the crossover can get an engine from the JAC S7. In this case, under the hood will be placed a supercharged 1.5-liter unit with a maximum output of 150 hp.

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