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Mazda 6 2021.

Mazda 6 2021

Mazda 6 2021.

Mazda 6 2021 — new interior, hybrid engine and rear-wheel drive.
In 2021, the guys from Mazda plan to change the generation of their sports sedan with an index of «6». At least six months before the official press release, but extremely interesting facts are already leaking into the network.

If at least half of them turns out to be true, the Japanese will definitely break the cash register, and the sports coupe class (the novelty will remain four-seater) will be replenished with another worthy model.


Judging by the available information, the Mazda 6 2021 is waiting for a complete reboot. This will be a completely new car with a new platform, engine, bodywork and premium interior. This is exactly the case when the phrase «new generation» means what is expected.

Regarding technology, you first need to recall the problems of a contemporary, and, in principle, talk about the trends in the technical laboratory of the concern, because the memories of the release of the Mazda MX-30 electric car are still alive in my head. Compared to competitors, the model is nothing of itself.

Mazda 6 2021

If this was the only example of a weak technique, then one could close his eyes to it. It is clear that the company’s achievements in the field of electrification were not enough, and it was just the desire to jump onto the train with a fresh industry trend. So one would think, if not for numerous complaints about the current Mazda 6 today.

Sporty appearance, 190 hp under the hood, excellent sound, akin to a 10-liter V8, but when it comes to dynamic performance — a complete failure. At the same time, the brand clearly shows a desire to move into a more premium niche, but how to do this with such a technique?

Here we are smoothly approaching the new generation of the Six. According to official statements by the concern, the sports coupe will receive a completely new rear-wheel drive modular platform with a longitudinal engine.

The new trolley is purely its own development, which has been done by the best Mazda engineers over the past 4 years. By the way, according to the plans of the company, the remaining models will also be transferred to it later: the CX-5 and CX-9 crossovers, and the RX-7 sports car.

The only thing that is known so far, the platform will be equipped with a starter-generator and a system for recovering energy from braking. What about the suspension and engine, we learn only at the official press release, which, we hope, will be held under normal conditions with the admission of journalists, and not in the form of an online broadcast.

Mazda 6 2021.



If the technical part of the information is at the very least, the external part has everything that is needed for the final verdict — the Six will be one of the most recognizable on the road. The body concept flashed a couple of years ago at a local car dealership and was able to collect a lot of positive reviews, which, perhaps, was the starting point. The name of the concept is Vision Coupe.

Speaking of coupe. In fact, we are still faced with a four-door. Although the photographs are not clear, the slots of the rear doors are visible. But they will get standard pens or will be decorated by analogy with Tesla, it is not yet clear.

According to the concept, you can notice that the “six” will retain common recognizable features, but will become noticeably wider, lower, you will get a more minimal streamlined body, round LED (most likely matrix) optics, two twin exhaust tips, an increased wheelbase, a panoramic roof and, like already noted, compartment profile. Dimensions are still unknown.

Mazda 6 2021


The Vision Coupe concept was already shown with a fully finished four-seater interior. True, the final models rarely get the same interior that was demonstrated in the concept, so it makes no sense to take it into account.

It is also worth noting that it is from Mazda 6 that the concern will probably begin to move to a more premium segment. At least the body looks obviously no worse than that of any Genesis.

Therefore, there are suggestions that the Japanese will be able to surprise the salon. In the meantime, you can look at the option presented earlier, by the way quite interesting.

Mazda 6 2021


Regarding this aspect, it’s too early to judge, because most likely the car will rise in price. There are suggestions that the price tag may recover even up to the mark of 30-40%.
But even so, the competitors will remain the same: Audi A6, BMW 5-series, Infiniti Q70.

Price and sales start date

The current model today is sold at 1.5 million rubles for the base version. The maximum configuration costs 2.3 million.

If the price tag really grows, and the probability is extremely high, the «base» will be sold already over 2 million, and premium equipment will grow to 3 million. True, with interchangeable generations, the list of equipment can also be radically redrawn.

As for the release date, nothing is known. The new six is ​​positioned for the 2021 lineup, but judging by the situation in the world, a release at the end of the year is unlikely. In Russia, the business coupe will appear even earlier than 2022.

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