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Mazda СХ-9 2021.

Mazda СХ-9 2021.

Mazda CX-9 2021.

Mazda CX-9 2021. The updated Mazda CX-9 2021, at first glance, is almost no different from its predecessor, but this is a deceptive appearance, because behind the usual branded design hides a completely intelligent crossover of the new generation, which is designed to surprise all fans of Mazda in Russia.

However, for the market of our country, the Japanese company offers an individual technical package, which may not suit all fans of the brand.


As usual, the Japanese are distinguished by their simplicity and conciseness, which closely borders on excellent comfort.

All these characteristics are inherent in the Mazda CX-9 2021. The crossover has acquired sports features.

The body has got smooth lines, which merge without joints and rough stampings.

The front of the car has acquired round optics, it merges with the narrow headlamps.

All around the perimeter there is a plastic dodger, which gives the car a certain formidability.

The front and rear bumpers received a shortened version. A wide plastic air intake goes to the narrow holes on the sides of the dodger, which greatly improves aerodynamics.

The truck came out quite nice. By its appearance one can understand at once that the owner is used to long trips.

Mazda СХ-9 2021.

Interior and equipment Mazda CX-9 2021.

On the issue of equipment Japanese engineers have not yet decided.

The crossover will be produced on the old platform, which is planned to be gradually updated.

In Russia, the Mazda CX-9 2021 will be available in four kits: Active, Supreme, Exclusive, Executive.

All variants differ in their internal stuffing, which is designed to simplify driving this car.

All kits are equipped with additional features that increase safety while driving.

The interior is made in a strict style, there are almost no different kinds of buttons, all devices are activated by touch buttons, have a beautiful backlight.

The instrument panel is made in a classic style: speedometer, tachometer, gauges, all in a round shape.

Mazda СХ-9 2021.

The seats are quite comfortable, have a function of heating and ventilation. The back row, according to critics, is made in an uncomfortable configuration.

The door cards of the crossover are finished with expensive leather. The car has an excellent capacity: the luggage compartment of 210 liters, which can increase with the deformation of the rear row to 810 liters.

The most interesting thing is that a huge amount of expensive leather is used in the interior trim: the braided steering wheel, doors, small inserts in the interior.

Technical Specifications Mazda CX-9 2021.

On the device of the running gear has not changed: the front of the cross has struts with springs, the rear is equipped with a multilever suspension, also there are stabilizers stability.

It is important that for the Russian market, this cross is equipped with only one engine: a 2.5 turbo, which has an updated turbine.

This device can redistribute gases, which greatly increases the power of the engine. At the peak of its capabilities, this unit produces 231 horses.

Mazda СХ-9 2021.

In conjunction with this motor is an automatic gearbox, which has six speeds.

From its predecessors, the crossover has received a road control system: independent adjustment to different surfaces.

The updated crossover receives new front springs and shock absorbers, which significantly soften its driving characteristics.

Accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour this unit will be able only for 8.9 seconds. Consumption per hundred is 9.2 liters.

The crossover is equipped with an automatic stabilization system, which allows you to keep the car while driving on a slippery, rough road.

Length — 5065 mm
width — 1961 mm
Height — 1717 mm
Wheelbase — 2930 mm

It should be noted that in this model, Japanese engineers have invested all of their advanced developments, which relate to traffic safety.

Mazda СХ-9 2021.

In terms of dynamic qualities, Mazda CX-9 has turned out to be quite frisky.


The main competitors of the presented model are the following car models: Toyota Highlander, Hyundai Santa Fe, Volkswagen Teramont.

For this crossover in the Russian market there will be quite stiff competition.

Release Date and Prices

The car is available in all showrooms in Russia, as the model is assembled at a plant near Vladivostok. The price starts at 2,873,000 rubles.

The price limit is 3,488,000 rubles. It should be said that the price depends on the configuration and level of equipment of the car.

In its segment, this crossover looks quite rich.

It should be understood that the money you pay for real Japanese quality. The car is perfect for a trip to the countryside or a vacation with the family.

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