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Mazda MX-5 2016.

Mazda MX-5 2016

Mazda MX-5 2016 — the fourth generation of the roadster

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Roadster Mazda MX-5 last, the fourth in a row, the generation was announced in early September 2014 at several automotive catwalks around the world.

The main area, where was presented the novelty of the Mazda, became a prestigious Autoforum in Paris. Many experts call the Japanese roadster a unique vehicle. The fact that the first generation of this model was published as early as 1989 year.

Then, the annual quota for the car in the amount of 75 thousand copies was sold out in ten days. For a quarter century, the production of the previous three generations of the MX-5 roadster was sold about 950 thousand cars.

The success of Japanese engineers, designers and marketers and recorded in the book of Guinness World Records, where the Mazda MX-5 is registered absolute record sales in the segment of sporty two models.

In addition, the compact sports car received more than 200 awards and titles in different countries. In Japan, third-generation model has been recognized as the best model of 2005-2006.


It has a full set of equipment and facilities, to repeat the success of previous generations of models in the arsenal of the MX-5 the Mazda 2015-2016 year.

Design of new items in the current exterior is made KODO corporate style, combining elegance and swiftness of the lines and contours of the body.

Ergonomic interior with high-quality finishing materials and advanced equipment will satisfy even the most demanding motorists.

On the technical side, there is present the entire list of proprietary technologies Skyaktiv, affecting the chassis, powertrains and transmissions.

As explained by the developers of the model, the design of the main goal was to create an easy and fast machine with perfect handling, possessing the most advanced equipment.

After all, its popularity has earned the Japanese two-seater with balanced handling, low curb weight and powerful pick-up motors.


The basis for the fourth-generation Mazda MX-5 has become a new platform with a drive to the rear axle, two-lever design of the front suspension and multi-link rear suspension.

The engine is shifted as much as possible deep into the base, and a transmission gear connects with a powerful and robust farm.

The steering has an electric amplifier, the wheels of both axles received disc brakes. Due to the special arrangement of units and units of the car axle weight distribution is ideal mass proportion of 50:50.


New car models

Bodywork has received a significant number of elements of steel and ductile ultraprochnyh varieties. But the front fenders, hood and trunk lid, as well as some suspension components are made of aluminum.

This decision allowed the winning weight. Thus, the curb weight of the new Mazda MX-5 2015-2016 only slightly exceeds 1000 kg, thus, the car has become easier to model predecessor by more than 100 kg.

To reduce the weight of lead and the use of a lightweight unit with a soft folding roof mechanism, as well as a slight decrease in body size, including the shortening of the overhang.


Overall performance roadster are as follows: length is 3915 mm, its width is 1730 mm, the machine reaches a height of 1235 mm and a wheelbase of 2315 mm.

When ordering the vehicle, staffed wheels with standard tires 195/50 R16 size, ride height value will be 135 mm.

The latest generation of Mazda MH5 become the most compact all-time release patterns. For example, compared to the previous generation, the length of a body of new items immediately fell to 105 mm.


The design of the exterior of the machine, according to the engineers from Japan, had to embody the rider sitting on a horse — Jinba Ittai (driver, takes pleasure in union with his car).

In reality, the appearance of the machine fully complies Kodo design philosophy, at the same time largely brushing on the British model Jaguar F-Type. It is unlikely that such a feature could be regarded as a disadvantage, because the car looks very stylish, bright and recklessly.


The front part of the body Mazda MH5 2015-2016 sports a drop-shaped head lights, recessed between the powerful front bumper and hood. Complementing the dynamic appearance of Chuck wide grille and pronounced aerodynamic elements.

Vyshtampovki and ribs on a massive bonnet and wheel arches emphasize the sporting spirit and the charismatic model. No less a sports car looks and profile.

The elongated hood shifted toward the cockpit interior of the rear axle and littered back windshield meet all the canons of construction of production sports cars. It is important that the MX-5 looks very harmoniously with any of the provisions of the retractable roof.

New car models

Aft trends shows a certain splendor of forms provided by pronounced wheel arches and a monumental rear bumper. Compact, ideal inscribed marker lamps with LED filling successfully emphasize the expressiveness of the back of the model.

Double interior provides convenience and comfort for the driver and passenger. Chairs have an anatomical profile, and embedded in the back headrests.

The driver complies with the requirements of ergonomics: the steering wheel of small diameter comfortably fits in your hand, instrument panel with tachometer dominating central radius is very informative.

To the right of the tachometer is located just a smaller speedometer, and left the company’s designers have placed a small display of the onboard computer, inscribed in a circle.

The quality of finishing materials Mazda MH5 no complaints — pleasant to the touch plastic, aluminum inserts and leather with stylish stitching give the interior comfort of the car and make it elegant.

Crowned the front panel touchscreen Mazda Connect multi-media installation, including a navigation system and enables you to set a number of control parameters of the car.

Already in the base Mazda MX-5 2015-2016 has ABS systems, EBD and ESP, four airbags, climate control, seat and door mirrors with heating, xenon headlamps and LED rear lights filling.

New Japan is equipped with one of the two available powertrains. Both engines Skyactiv-G generation run on gasoline and have direct fuel injection system.

The function start / stop, and an increased compression ratio provides an excellent vehicle acceleration dynamics with moderate fuel appetite.

The role assigned to the base engine 1.5-liter unit capacity of 131 hp A more powerful engine has a working volume of 2.0 liters and develops maximum output of 155 hp, giving small and light car excellent speed characteristics.

The pair of any of the motors can be installed 6-speed manual gearbox.
Test drive Mazda MX-May 2016


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